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Susan Ward

    Speak For Success Course

    Good communication skills are the key to business success. Think about it.

    Communication is the key to sales. If you canít communicate effectively with your customers and/or clients, youíll lose them.

    Communication is the key to management. If you donít communicate effectively with your management team, your sales staff, and/or your bank manager, misunderstandings will fester into business crises.

    Communication is the key to marketing. The most carefully orchestrated marketing campaign will fail if you donít get the right message to potential customers, or worse, communicate the wrong message entirely.

    And the most fundamental communication skill is being able to speak well.

    If youíre concerned about the impression you create when you open your mouth, if you want to be able to communicate face-to-face with people without irritating or confusing them, this is the course for you.

    The Speak to Success course consists of six speech lessons and a wrap-up lesson that will help you shape up your oral communication skills. In each lesson, youíll work on a specific speech skill by learning about a related sloppy speech problem and performing exercises designed to eliminate that speech problem.

    Over time, well all develop sloppy speech habits, speech habits that can make us difficult to understand or make people not want to listen to what weíre saying. These speech lessons for improving your oral communication skills will make you sound more polished and professional Ė and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful.

    There are a few things you should be aware of before you sign up for this course:

    • Enter your email address carefully. If you make a mistake, I'll get a "bounced" email, and I will have no way to let you know.
    • Due to the amount of email I receive, I cannot personally reply to "anti-spam" measures you or your ISP may use. So if you're using something that blocks email until a "real person" sends it, you'll need to turn it off to receive the class, OR include sbinfocanada.guide@about.com in your "approved" email list.
    • If you want to move ahead, click on the "Missed Lessons" link at the bottom of each lesson, and select the lesson(s) that you want mailed immediately.

    This is a seven week class. You will receive the first lesson as soon as you sign up, and a new lesson each week. While I've emphasized the benefits for business and professional people here, anyone who works with other people can benefit from shaping up his or her speech. Why not sign up now and start improving your communication skills?

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