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Do Business in Canada!

Part 1: The Bottom Line for Business is Better in Canada


Are you a non-Canadian interested in doing business in Canada? Canada's open for business, and welcomes foreign investment and business immigrants.

Why do business in Canada? Why not? Operating a business in Canada is better for your bottom line than operating your business in the United States, and thanks to NAFTA (the North American Trade Agreement), you'll still have access to the entire North American market.

Currently, according to a detailed 10-month study of international business costs in 11 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific by KMPG, Canada's business costs are the second-lowest recorded in the study, and 5 percent lower than in the USA.

Canada is the best country for business in the G-20 according to Forbes Magazine's November 2012 study. It remains one of the most welcoming and profitable places in the world for international business and foreign direct investment (Invest in Canada).

Among the competitive advantages you can enjoy doing business in Canada, the Invest in Canada website highlights:

  • Canada's stability – Canada has "banks you can bank on". For the fifth consecutive year, the World Economic Forum rates Canada’s banking system as the world’s soundest.
  • Canada's highly-skilled work force – Canada has the most highly-educated population in the OECD and "attracts the best and brightest from every corner of the globe".
  • Canada's industry strengths – "Cutting-edge American producers recognize Canadian leadership in industries such as fibre optics, aerospace and biopharmaceuticals." The country is also a world leader in fields as diverse as medical devices, digital gaming, and agri-food.
  • Canada's strategic location – Canada is the "crossroads between the North American marketplace and the booming economies of Asia".
  • Canada's lifestyle advantage – Clean, calm and spectacular sums it up. It's a stellar place to work, live and raise a family.

And to top off the list of advantages to doing business in Canada, Canada offers businesses very favourable R&D tax credits and incentives. Canada's appealing environment for leading-edge research is built upon several innovation-supporting policies: effective protection of intellectual-property rights; open competition in domestic market in the deployment of digital information and communications technologies and platforms; transparent government-procurement practices, and openness to high-skill immigration (Invest in Canada).

Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider doing business in Canada, though, is that Canada welcomes business investment. Continue on to the next page to read about the Canadian government's special services for foreign investors and sources of information on Canadian industries.

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