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Choosing The Right Business Consultant, Business Trainer or Business Coach

Part 1: Ask These Seven Questions First


Are you in the market for business training and looking for someone to teach you what you consider you need to know to start or run your business even more successfully? Perhaps you're looking for a business consultant to show you how to increase your profits or a business trainer to help you learn a new software program. Maybe you're looking for a business coach to help you increase your personal and business success.

Whatever type of business skills or information you want to learn, how much you benefit from the business training will greatly depend upon the individual professional you choose to teach you.

Whether you will be meeting with your business trainer, business consultant or business coach virtually or in real time, it's important to give her or him the same scrutiny that you would give any other professional. In an ideal world, everyone could accept everyone else at face value, but the world we live in is far from ideal. Ask any prospective business consultant, business trainer or business coach these seven questions before you commit to any instructional plan or business training sessions.

1) What are your credentials?

Don’t be blasé about these. There are a whole lot of initials that can follow people’s names that mean nothing, and a great many bogus institutions offering people “degrees” in every imaginable topic for a price. Before you hire any one to teach you anything, ask about their credentials and find out what their credentials mean. Be aware that some credentials have more worth than others and make your decision accordingly.

2) Have you “been there and done that”?

Beware of people who haven’t. Would you hire a business consultant who had never run a business? You shouldn’t. The same goes for computer consultants who haven’t worked in the industry or business trainers without instructional experience.

3) What are the institution's accreditations and reputation?

Examining the worth of online instruction is especially difficult, as many online “institutions” appear to expect you to accept their accreditation just because they say so. But you may encounter exactly the same attitude in "bricks and mortar" schools offering business training as well. Before you sign on for any kind of business training, find out about the company and their instructors. (If the information is not readily available to you, you don’t want to be dealing with that company.)

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