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Business Christmas Cards Are Good Business

Use Business Christmas Cards To Build Relationships


Business Christmas Cards Are Good Business

Christmas Card

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Have you sent out your business Christmas cards yet? Is it worthwhile to send out a season's greetings to your business contacts? Yes! With building a relationship with your clients and prospects, a business Christmas card acknowledges that you took the time and effort to think of them.

These tips will help you use business Christmas cards to build a relationship with your clients and prospects:

Don't go overboard with designer labels and customized messages on your business Christmas cards. Dollar for dollar, no one really cares if you handwrote your company's name or if it was printed onto the Christmas card.

Include a business card with your business Christmas card. If family and friends are your customers too, I would suggest sending out two separate Christmas cards. Send out an extra Christmas card just from you that is not business related.

Always include a handwritten note inside the business Christmas card. Make it short and sweet. For example, "All the best in the New Year, Bob!" And don't forget to spell the contact's and company's names correctly.

Buy next year's cards now and after Boxing Day, when they are at least half the price.

And don't forget to send the assistant a business Christmas card, too. Never underestimate the importance of the assistant.

Contributed by Mark McGregor. Mark McGregor is a professional speaker and international writer with Speaking of Hearts. Contact Mark today to speak for your events.

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