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Starting a Business Quiz Question 3
Is Starting a Business Right For You?

Many people dream of starting a business - but are hesitant to start a business of their own because they don't know if they're the right sort of person to be starting a business or are worried that they'll start a business and fail.

Are you one of those people wondering if starting a business is right for you? This starting a business quiz will help you decide whether or not the time is right for you to start your own business. (Be sure to have javascript enabled in your browser.)

If you choose the correct answer you will be automatically sent to a page with supplemental information. If you choose a wrong answer you'll still discover what the right answer was - and find out more about starting a business. Now, on with the quiz!

If you have arrived at this page via a search engine, you may want to take the full Starting a Business Quiz by starting with Question 1.

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