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Blogging for Business

Should you bother to have a business blog? What can a business blog do for your business? Find out here.

7 Ways to Make Money from a Blog
Making money from a blog is possible and isn’t even particularly difficult any more. You don’t have to be famous or even have huge traffic (although how much money you make from your blog will depend on both of these factors to some extent). Make money from your blog by using one of more of these seven ideas.

Business Blog FAQ
Wondering what all the fuss about blogs is about and if your business should have one? This Business Blogs Primer will answer your questions - and explain how to create a blog for your business.

Case Study: Using a Weblog to Achieve #1 Rankings...
Lee LeFever presents a case study documenting best practices in using a weblog to achieve #1 rankings in Google (About Entrepreneurs).

How To Use a Blog for Non-Diarists
It's possible to use a blog or weblog to improve your business, even if you think your business really isn't suited to blogs. Here are ideas for using business blogs from Web Design/HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin.

3 Tips for Business Blogs
About Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield presents three recommendations to write your business blog so that it attracts readership, superior candidates, and sales.

What a Blog Can Do for Your Small Business
It may be advantageous to start blogging, says Small Business Information Guide Darrell Zahorsky, in this explanation of what blogs are and how blogs can benefit small businesses.

Why Blogging Matters to Business
Blogging matters to business because blogging can represent your company in a positive or negative light. About Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield explains how to use blogs effectively and keep your business blog experience positive.

Business Blogs Provide Edge, Present Challenges
A summary of some of the discussion about weblogs as a business tool at the first Weblog business strategy session (Internet Advertising Report).

Meet The B-Blog
Blogging is here to stay, says Kathleen Goodwin, and savvy businesses are getting in on it. Here's why business blogs are "perfect for the corporate world".

Putting B-Blogs Into Action
Kathleen Goodwin presents steps for creating a business blog and suggests how a business blog might fit into your e-newsletter strategy.

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