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Brochure Business Cards Are Marketing Magic

Unique Business Cards Do Double Duty


Sample of a brochure business card.

The inside of a brochure business card.

Image (c) Susan Ward

Brochure business cards are one of the smartest marketing ideas I've seen in quite some time. I've always believed that business cards should be marketing vehicles and the clever design of these unique business cards gives you the space to fully describe the customer benefits your business can deliver.

Most business cards are just contact cards. Arty, unique, classy, tacky - all the standard business card does is present your name, your business name and contact information. Sometimes business cards include taglines, which, unless your tagline or your product is extremely well known, is little more effective than a blank space.

The problem with ordinary business cards is that they have no call to action. You hope the potential client or customer will when you hand one out, but the business card itself doesn't do anything to encourage him or her to do it.

With one clever foldover, the brochure business card solves this problem and gives you the space to explain why he or she should call, too.

The Brochure Business Card Design

Instead of the standard 2 by 3 1/2 inch business card design, the brochure business card is 4 by 3 1/2 inches, which is folded over once so that the business card is still, at first glance, standard size (and will still fit into the standard business card holder).

The outside of the brochure business card, the front and back, is for your name(s) and contact information. You can display the same information front and back, so that it's always available no matter how a person picks the card up and looks at it, or put some on the back and some on the front if you prefer.

The unique business card I'm looking at as I write this, which belongs to Valley Dial A Maid Professional Cleaning, offers different contact information on the front and back of their brochure business card as the company operates in two different communities.

The inside of the brochure business card provides a full 4 by 3 1/2 inch spread that you can use to present the benefits your company offers and persuade your potential customer that you are the person he or she should call.

A Closer Look at a Brochure Business Card

The inside of Valley Dial A Maid's brochure business card has a picture of a very professional looking woman in full cleaning gear and says:

Serving the area since 1991

  • screened and trained staff
  • bonded, insured, WCB certified

We do:

  • move in/move out cleaning
  • post-construction cleaning
  • property Management cleaning
  • annual Spring/ Fall cleaning
  • getting your home realtor-ready
  • We've cleaned over 50,000 homes!
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and one-time cleaning
  • All supplies and equipment provided

I've listed everything presented on the inside of the card here because it’s such a great example of using a brochure business card design to showcase a company's benefits. Notice how the copy addresses so many of a potential customer's questions. How long have you been in business? Can I get my house cleaned weekly? Do you have Workers' Compensation Insurance? What kinds of cleaning do you do?

And notice too how all the copy is designed to answer the basic question: Why should I hire your business to do my cleaning rather than some other outfit?

Get a Brochure Business Card Working for You

Valley Dial A Maid's brochure business card is just flat out a good-looking business card, with its sharp blue, white and yellow design on heavy card stock. But it's also, unlike so many business cards, an effective marketing tool that does a great job of encouraging potential customers to call and book the company’s services.

Unique business cards are becoming as common as stones on a beach. I even saw one shaped like a finger puppet the other day. But do you want a business card with an unusual shape or do you want a business card that's actually going to help you sell your products and/or services? If you’re not using a brochure business card already, it's time to switch.

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