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Business Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Ideas for the Business People on Your Gift List


Looking for gift ideas for a business person this holiday season or maybe, if you run your own business, something to add to your own gift wish list? This Business Holiday Gift Guide presents a selection of business gifts for holiday gift giving or receiving.

1. Top Gift Baskets

Gourmet Feast Gift Basket

Gift baskets take the number one slot in this holiday gift guide. They're ideal business gifts because they're easy to send and there is such a variety of gift baskets available for business and corporate giving that finding one to suit any taste is easy.

2. Top Business Gifts

Polycom SoundStation EX Expandable Conference Phone

I created this list of top business gifts thinking of what most business people would really like to get. The business gifts range from iPhones through widescreen monitors. So the question is, do you really, really like them and want to spend this much money on them? Or are these business gifts fall more into the "maybe-I’ll-buy-one-for-me-and-get-a-tax-writeoff" category?

3. Top Digital Voice Recorders

Olympus DM-420 Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorders make great business gifts, first because they're gadgets and who doesn't like to get a gadget as a gift? Second, they're incredibly useful to business people, as they're much better for recording meetings and ideas than handwriting or memory. This collection includes professional quality recorders, but I've also put together a collection of Top Digital Recorders Under $100.

4. Top Travel Accessories for Business Travel

Samsonite Expandable 22" Travel Bag

If the business person on your list travels to do business, browse this collection of gift ideas. From little gifts such as grooming bags and USB drives through bigger gifts such as notebooks and luggage, you’re sure to find something to make his or her trips smoother.

5. Top Laptop Cases

Mobile Edge Faux-Croc Portfolio Laptop Case

When it comes to gift ideas, maybe laptops are out of your price range. But the thing about laptops (or notebooks, if you prefer) is that almost everyone in business has one, making laptop cases good business gifts.

6. Top Briefcases

Siamod San Francesco Messenger Bag Briefcase

A good quality briefcase is a good gift idea, too. Every business person you know already has one, you say? Take a look at it. Chances are good it's scuffed and dented and could use updating. Briefcases are also excellent gift ideas for people just starting out in business.

7. Top Business Plan Software

Business Plan Pro Software

As preparing a business plan is step one of starting a business, business plan software should definitely be on your list of gift ideas for someone who's just starting a business or thinking of starting one.

8. Top Backup Software

EMC Retrospect for Windows Backup Software

They might already have some but you know what? Lots of business people don't. Data protection is an eminently practical business gift and like all software, it has the gift idea advantage of being easy to wrap.

9. Top Canadian Tax Software

As year end is also fiscal year end for many businesses, tax software programs are also extremely practical business gifts. Even if the gift recipient doesn't do her own taxes, she can always use it to run tax scenarios and find the greatest tax advantages for her situation.

10. Top Business Books

Windows 7: Definitive Guide

When I'm thinking of gift ideas for anyone, books always spring to mind. Here’s a collection of business books that I've read that I think would make great business gifts for other business people.

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