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Part 2: How to Make Cows, Cats & Road Kill Profitable


Unusual business ideas - wacky business ideas.

One unique business idea - mowing goats.

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Page one of this article presents unique business ideas ranging from removing head lice through turning your loved one into part of a reef after he or she has passed on.

Every business idea on this page involves people making money off animals in unusual ways. If you find yourself muttering, "How'd they ever come up with that?" you're not alone.

One business idea is to rent out a cow to produce milk and/or cheese for the person who rents it. But here's a new twist; in Switzerland, herder Michael Izor has launched a business renting cows to stressed urban professionals. A person can rent a cow for a month or for a season. Izor says "the animals are very calming and we hope it gives people a little perspective."

Cat Cafés.
From Japan comes more evidence that spending time with animals is soothing. In cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, cat cafés, places where customers can sip tea and pet resident cats, are becoming increasingly popular - so much so that at some cat cafés, reservations are recommended on weekends.

Get the flavour of what visiting a cat café is like with Jane Aldridge's photos of her visit to a cat café in Tokyo. The Calico Cat Café in Tokyo website, as you see, showcases its feline residents (website in Japanese but photos are "international").

Mowing Goats.
Google is surely the most famous user of mowing goats; they hire a herd of about 200 goats to mow fields around their California headquarters. (See the Official Google Blog.) But they're certainly not the only ones. Mowing goats are a lot more eco-friendly than the standard weed whacker and pesticide approach to weeds and long grasses.

Trying to use goats to compete with residential lawn mowing services though, is not a good idea. Apparently, goats don't actually do that great a job of mowing lawns but are great for weed and brush control, as Gary Pfalzbot of Goatworld.com explains.

Testicular Implants for Pets.
I have to say I just don’t get this one, but according to the Neuticles.com website, some pet owners are reluctant to neuter their pets because the usual neutering procedure completely removes the animal's testicles. Neuticles eliminates this concern because "a 'Neuticled' pet looks exactly the same after surgery!" (Hmm... who's looking anyhow?)

BrewDog – Road Kill plus Beer.
Believe it or not, you read that right. On their website, BrewDog proclaims that their beers are in no way commercial or mainstream - and they really mean it. James Watt and partner Martin Dickie have created an ale that is 55 percent alcohol by volume, (a higher alcohol content than whiskey and vodka), called The End of History, which comes in bottles wrapped in taxidermic road kill. Read more about BrewDog's End of History Ale.

Coming Up With Your Own Unusual Business Ideas

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