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Corporate Tax For Canadian Business

Information about corporate tax for Canadian businesses. Includes information on the GIFI, filing corporate income tax, and online tax filing.

Corporate Tax Canada Guide
Need to file corporate income tax in Canada? This Corporate Tax Guide provides corporate tax rates in Canada and details on how to prepare and file corporate income tax.

Personal Services Corporation
Being a Personal Services Business will seriously impact the income tax deductions your Canadian corporation is allowed to take. Learn more here.

Being Declared a Personal Services Corporation Can Really Cost You
Small corporations, especially those with few clients, are in danger of being declared personal services corporations by the Canada Revenue Agency - losing all their small business tax deductions. Here's how to avoid the situation.

When Is the Canadian Taxes Due Date?
Wondering when Canadian taxes are due? Here's information on Canadian taxes due dates for both personal income tax and corporate income tax returns.

What Are My Options for Filing Income Tax in Canada?
This Canadian income tax FAQ describes the different options for filing individual and corporate income tax in Canada, including Canadian tax filing online.

Can I File Canadian Taxes Online?
Is your corporation able to file Canadian taxes online? Here are the details on who can and who can't CRA Netfile and Efile in Canada.

When Are Corporate Taxes Due If There Is a Balance Owing?
If your Canadian corporation has a balance owing when you file your corporate tax return, here are the details about how long you have to pay the Canadian corporate tax that is due.

How Long Does a Tax Refund Take?
This Canadian income tax refund FAQ describes how it takes to get a corporate tax refund when filing tax returns by various methods.

Types of Corporations in Canada and Corporate Tax
Tax-wise, there are different types of corporations in Canada and they get taxed differently. One type of corporation, the Canadian-controlled private corporation, has a lot of corporate tax advantages over the others. Here's what you need to know about corporate tax to choose the 'right' type of corporation.

Corporate Tax Advantages of the Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation
The Canadian-controlled private corporation, has a lot of corporate tax advantages over the other types of corporations in Canada. Here's a primer on the corporate tax advantages that Canadian-controlled private corporations enjoy.

Business Limit
Filing Canadian corporate income tax? The Business Limit affects the amount of the Small Business Deduction your Canadian corporation can receive. Here are the details.

Investment Tax Credits for Canadian Small Businesses
Investment Tax Credits cut down on the amount of tax that Canadian corporations or individual business owners have to pay and in some cases, also provide refunds for some expenditures. This article explains what federal Investment Tax Credits are available and outlines how to claim these tax credits.

Top Canadian Tax Software Programs
If you opt to do it yourself and want to use tax software to prepare and file your Canadian corporate income tax, here are the best choices for small business people filing Canadian T2 (corporate) income tax returns.

Business Expenses as Tax Deductions Index
A list of common business expenses for Canadian businesses with links to details about using particular business expenses as tax deductions.

Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit (AJCTC)
Canadian employers who hire apprentices are eligible for the Apprentice Tax Credit. Here are the details.

Child Care Tax Credits
Canadian businesses can earn Child Care Tax Credits for creating child care spaces. This article explains how to earn and claim these Investment Tax Credits.

Qualified Property Investment Tax Credit
Canadian businesses can earn Investment Tax Credits by doing designated activities on or with their qualified property. Here are the details.

Research and Development Tax Credits
Canadian businesses can earn Research and Development Tax Credits. This article explains what kinds of work qualify for R&D Tax Credits and outlines how to claim these tax credits.

GIFI Definition
An explanation of what the GIFI is and how it relates to corporate income tax, including a link to the complete GIFI.

How to Appeal an Income Tax Assessment
If you disagree with your Canadian income tax assessment, you have the right to an assessment appeal. Here are the details on the Canadian income tax assessment appeal process.

Investment Tax Credits
Investment Tax Credits reduce the amount of income tax that Canadian corporations and individual business owners have to pay. Here's an explanation of how the Investment Tax Credit works and potential tax credits in Canada a business might claim.

Should You Incorporate Your Small Business?
Is it better to pay corporate tax or be taxed as an individual? Here's an outline of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating your business.

Corporation Internet Filing
This page explains which corporations are eligible for internet filing, and links to information about how to file your corporation's income tax return over the 'Net (CRA).

Corporation Instalment Guide
CCRA guide to paying corporate income tax by instalment, downloadable as a PDF file.

GIFI Short Form For Corporations
An explanation of who can use the GIFI Short Form and a line-by-line explanation of how to complete the GIFI Short Form (CRA).

Guide To The General Index Of Financial Information (GIFI)
This guide from the Canada Revenue Agency includes the complete GIFI index and information on using the GIFI for corporations.

The Small Business Deduction (IT73R6)
Reading this Canada Revenue Agency document will help you determine whether or not your corporation qualifies, and provides the details of calculating this income tax deduction.

T2 Corporation - Income Tax Guide (T4012)
If your business is incorporated, you'll need to read this Canada Revenue Agency Guide to corporate income tax.

How to Calculate Capital Cost Allowance
This guide to the T2125 tax form explains how to compute Capital Cost Allowance.

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