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Handling Phone Calls & Phone Systems

The phone is still the main communications tool for most small businesses. From phone systems through tips for handling phone calls, learn how to maximimize the benefit each time you use your business phone.

3 Keys to Business Phone Greeting Success
Telephone greetings are critical for businesses because prospects are deciding whether or not to do business with you. Yet many companies convolute the telephone greeting to the point that employees hate saying it and customers and prospects dread listening to it. When it comes to phone greetings, there is power in simplicity. Here are the three keys to business phone greeting success.

How to Answer the Phone Properly
If if you don't answer the phone the right way, you'll lose business instead of gaining it. Here are "winning ways" to answer the phone.

Tips for Handling Incoming Phone Calls
Is answering the phone burning up too much of your time? Use these tips for handling incoming phone calls to cut down on the time you spend speaking on the phone and free time for other tasks.

Tips for Handling Outgoing Phone Calls
How often do you reach the person you want to reach when you make a phone call or have the conversation you meant to have? Save time and increase your productivity with these tips for handling outgoing business phone calls.

A Virtual Phone Service Will Keep Your Business Running During the Holidays
Stay connected with customers and have time to spend with the family during the holiday season with a virtual phone service for your small business. Learn more.

Is an Internet Phone Good Enough for Your Business?
Internet phones are becoming increasingly popular because of the cost savings on phone services they can provide. But are internet phone services good enough to serve as your one and only business phone? This discussion of problems and solutions will help you decide.

Internet Phone Services Comparison
See how internet phone services stack up to your "plain old telephone service" or your cellphone with his comparison of four internet phone plans and see if using internet phone services instead would save your Canadian small business money.

New Phone Systems Are Smart Answers for Small Business
Full featured business phone systems have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses but the smart new generation of small business phone systems have all of the features of their larger counterparts without the big business prices.

Be Sure Your Customers Can Communicate With You
What happens when your business phone just rings and rings? Your potential customers go elsewhere. Use these tips to make sure your phone is a business tool rather than a business killer.

Marketing Conversations Need to Start With You
Many marketing conversations get off-track before you even pick up the phone or initiate the handshake. Nina Ham explains how to avoid letting negative self talk sabotage your marketing efforts before you even make the phone call.

Present a Professional Image
Audrey Field provides tips for ensuring that your small or home-based business presents an image of professionalism at all times, including how to handle phone calls in a professional manner.

Broadband Phone Services & Small Business Don't Mix Yet
Broadband phones are hot. But that doesn't necessarily mean that broadband phone services are a good deal for small businesses. Here's why most small businesses should ignore broadband phone services and stick with their landlines.

How Broadband Phones Work
How do broadband phones work and what kind of broadband phones are available? This broadband phone definition explains.

VoIP – VoIP Definition
What is VoIP and how does VoIP work? This VoIP definition explains.

How to Buy a Business Telephone System
James Bucki, About.com Operations/Technology Guide, discusses the features of business class phone systems for offices with ten people or more.

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