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Home Based Business Idea: Shopping & Errand Services


Home based business idea: Shopping and Errand Services.

A home based business that's a dream come true?

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In the past, these businesses have focused on people who are just too busy to do their own shopping and/or errands, but a whole new market has developed of people who are incapable of doing these things themselves or just find it a whole lot easier to have someone else do them. There's a growing need for these services by seniors and shut-ins.

As for shopping, the holiday/Christmas season can be a real moneymaker for you – who wouldn't like to turn over their gift list and just have it magically turned into presents by someone else?

Pros: If you love to shop, this home based business could be a dream come true for you.

Cons: You might end up spending a lot of time sitting in traffic; you'll definitely be spending a lot of time driving. That's a pro or a con depending on your point of view.

What You Need to Get Started With This Home Based Business Idea:

  • A good - excellent vehicle.
  • Excellent local knowledge (of routes, shops, etc.)
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