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Home Based Business Idea: Window Painter


Window painting as a home based business.

A home based business with an artistic flair.

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A painted window can be a real customer draw for a retail storefront, making that business stand out from the others around it and enticing customers to come inside. A pet grooming business, for example, might have a well-groomed happy looking dog and cat painted on its windows.

While window painting can be done at any season as a way to increase signage or make a storefront more unique, the busiest season for window painters is the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. You may be able to increase business throughout the year by also creating/painting murals on inside walls for businesses such as daycares.

Pros: You get to work outside as well as inside and have the pleasure of creating artistic decorations.

Cons: Working outside isn't always pleasant – especially in late fall, which will probably be your busiest season. In most cases, your work is temporary and will be washed away.

What You Need to Get Started With This Home Based Business Idea:

  • The artistic ability to provide the service.
  • Equipment, such as paint and brushes.
  • A portfolio of windows that you've painted to show potential clients. (You can always paint some windows at home and photograph them to get started.)
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