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Looking for an invoice sample you can use for your small business? There are several in this section on invoicing, as well as information on using invoices as part of your cash flow management and marketing.

How to Invoice
Need to know how to invoice for products and services in different provinces/territories? This collection of invoice templates shows how to invoice for GST/HST/PST, how to invoice if you're a small supplier and more.

Invoice Definition
This invoice definition explains what an invoice is and provides some invoice tips and rules for doing business in Canada.

Invoice Template for a Simple Invoice
If you have a small business selling products without charging taxes and all you need is a simple invoice, this free invoice template should fit the bill.

Service Invoice Template
A service invoice free invoice template for small businesses that only need simple invoices to bill their customers and/or clients.

An Invoice Sample With HST
This invoice sample shows an example of billing for a product with HST being sold by an Ontario business. Feel free to use this as an invoice template for your own small business; just change the HST rate to the HST rate applicable to your province if necessary. Below the invoice sample is an explanation of the information that must be on your...

Invoice Sample With GST & PST
Once you've sold the product or provided the service, it's invoice time. Here's what information has to be on your invoice and a sample invoice with GST and PST that you can use as an invoice template for your Canadian small business.

Close the Cash Flow Gap
Invoicing is all about cash flow. Here are the basics of cash flow management, including a simple way to make cash flow projections and how to improve your cash flow by shortening your cash flow conversion period.

The Phony Invoice Business Scam
Don't be a victim of this invoice scam that targets small businesses. Here's how to identify and avoid the phony invoice business scam.

Use Invoices That Encourage Action
If slow payers are creating cash flow problems for your small business, use invoices that encourage prompt payment rather than inaction. Here's how.

Use Promos With Invoices
Invoices can serve as promotion tools as well as payment reminders. Here are some ideas for including promotions with your invoices to encourage both return business and new customers.

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