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Information about the office equipment needed to run a small business, such as computer hardware and PDAs, office machines such as printers, copiers, and digital recorder transcribers and LCD projectors.
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Your Picks for the Best Digital Voice Recorders Under $100
What are the best digital voice recorders that cost less than $100 USD and have the ability to upload files to a computer? Add your suggestion for the best digital voice recorder under $100 here.

Best Digital Recorders Under 100 Dollars
Digital voice recorders had to meet two main requirements to be considered for this list; they had to have a list price of less than $100 USD and still have the ability to upload files to a computer. As always, the focus is on finding the best digital voice recorders for business and academic use. Other than that, it's a case of looking for the...

Digital Recorder Reviews
Do you have a digital recorder? Use this form for digital recorder reviews to share what you think is the best digital recorder or why you found a particular voice recorder disappointing.See submissions

Top Label Printers
Label printers can be real time-savers. Portable labeling systems are a godsend for labeling wires and cables while desktop label printers eliminate the need to feed individual sheets of labels through a regular printer. Here are the best label printers for office and industrial use.

Before You Buy a Digital Voice Recorder
Digital voice recorders are great business tools and many of them do a lot more than just recording and playing back. Here are some of the features you should consider before you buy one, such as recording features, data storage, and transcription capability.

Before You Buy an LCD Or DLP Projector
Buying a projector is not an insignificant investment, so you'll want to think carefully about how you're going to use the projector to match the features you need with the best price point. Here are the key buying factors to help you make your choice.

Top Digital Recorder Transcribers
Kiss the cassettes goodbye – digital recordings last longer than tapes and these recorders also operate as full-function transcribers in conjunction with your PC to simplify your transcription tasks.

Top Digital Voice Recorders
Record notes, meetings, and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes! And these top digital voice recorders all let you download information to your PC, making it easier to organize, edit and play back your voice files.

Top LCD Projectors Over 7 Pounds
Even if you're a mobile presenter, you should have a look at these mid-weight LCD projectors. If you can handle toting a few extra pounds around, you may find a mid-weight projector a better deal than an ultralight.

Top LCD or DLP Projectors Under 7 Pounds
If you're a mobile presenter, you'll appreciate these projectors that are lightweight but still packed with all the features necessary to make your presentations shine.

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