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Office Management

For best office management practices and office management tips that will keep your office running smoothly and efficiently, look here.

7 Ways to Control Chaos in Your Small Business
Don't let chaos get the best of your small business. Once you start applying these seven principles of good office management, you'll be amazed at the difference good office management makes - and how much more business you do.

How to Invoice
This article explains which taxes must be included on your Canadian small business invoice, depending on your location. Included is a collection of invoice templates demonstrating how to invoice for GST/HST, how to invoice if you're a small supplier and more.

Invoice Sample With GST & PST
Invoicing is an integral part of office management; without the invoicing, there's no office to manage! Here's what information has to be on your invoice and a sample invoice with GST and PST that you can use as an invoice template.

6 Rules of Business Data Protection
Protecting a business's data is one of the top priorities of office management. These six rules of business data protection will show you how.

7 Ways to Make Record Management Easy
A lot of office management involves managing business records. Good record management not only makes our working lives easier, but can give us real stress relief at tax time. These seven tips will help you make record management easy.

How to Answer the Phone Properly
Best office management practices include answering the phone in a professional manner, increasing your business's success by winning customers and/or clients. Here's how to answer the phone properly.

New Phone Systems Are Smart Answers for Small Business
Full featured business phone systems have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses but the smart new generation of small business phone systems have all of the features of their larger counterparts without the big business prices.

10 Tips for Organizing Electronic Files
Office management includes organizing all the files in your office and keeping them up-to-date - both paper and electronic files. These file management tips will help you keep your computer files organized and accessible.

Basic Email Management
Best office management practices dictate managing email effectively to prevent email from interfering with your or your employees' productivity? Use these email management tips to get a grip on your inbox.

3 Steps to Creating a Document Management System
Having a document management system in place makes office management so much easier. Your document management system doesnt have to be complex; you just have to invest some time in planning and implementing it. Here's how to create and implement a document management plan for small business.

How to Avoid Computer Viruses
Good office management means taking steps to protect your data from computer viruses. Tina Brooks gives a list of precautions you can take to increase your virus protection and avoid becoming a virus victim.

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant and Save Money
Need administrative help? Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (VA) can save your small business time and money. Here's how.

7 Computer Ergonomics Tips
Attention to basic computer ergonomics can help us avoid not only immediate back and neck pain but alleviate conditions such as recurring headaches. Here are seven tips for healthier computer work.

The Green Office Guide
Make your office a more environmentally friendly place by implementing some or all of these green office practices.

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