1. Money

Online Tools

Online tools such as business planners, databases, calculators, translators, and application service providers that you can use to plan, manage, finance, and market your Canadian company.

Business Terms Glossary
Find definitions and resources for the business terms you're looking for with this alphabetical index of common business terms.

Business Tips Index
A library of marketing, management and other business tips to help you be more productive and increase your business success. From your About.com Guide.

12 Social Media Tools for Small Business
This handpicked list of social media tools for small business will make it easier to find the social media tools you need to do what you want to do, whether it be promoting your business, networking, or keeping your social media organized.

Startup Costs Calculator
This calculator lets you estimate the initial costs of starting your retail business (About.com Retail Business).

Border Wait Times
If you're involved in transporting goods or services into the US, you'll find this regularly updated page of how long the wait is at various border crossings useful (from Canada Border Services Agency).

Through CommunityZero, Internet users can communicate with real-time collaboration, publishing and communication tools, designed to manage projects, share and exchange files and documents, and enhance group interaction, quickly and easily. Basic services are free.

Currency Converter
The Universal Currency Converter lets you perform foreign exchange rate calculations for a multitude of currencies on the Internet, using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates (XE.com).

Info Source: Directory of Federal Government Enquiry Points
If you do business with the federal government, or want to, this database of addresses and phone numbers for almost 280 federal departments and agencies will be invaluable.

Interactive Business Planner
Use this online software to prepare a three year business plan for your new or existing small business. The Interactive Business Planner includes sample plans, and does financial projections using the information you provide (Small Business BC).

Interactive Export Planner
Create an export plan online with this outstanding tool developed by the Government of Canada, B.C. and Alberta. The Planner guides you through each section of your export plan using a question and answer format, offers tips and sample plans, and prepares financial projections based on information you provide.

Business Information by Industrial Category
Choose your category, such as Manufacturing or Resource Industries, select the industry you want, and then use the left side menu to find everything from company directories and standards through statistics and sources of financing. An invaluable research tool (Industry Canada).

Lease or Buy Calculator
Easy-to-use tool from Industry Canada that helps you decide whether to lease or buy equipment. The calculator lets you compare both options, and takes tax considerations into account.

Search For Financing
A great starting point if you need financing. Enter the information about your business and the amount and kind of financing you need into this form and it returns a list of government and financial organizations that meet your criteria. By Industry Canada.

New Brunswick Opportunities Network
An incredibly handy tool for doing business with the government of N.B., this on-line system displays basic tender information on goods, services and construction contracts for many government tendering agencies, including the cities of Fredericton and Moncton. Search the database by category, organization, or product group.

SME Benchmarking Tool
A business planning tool from Industry Canada that helps you view financial performance data based on industry averages, with an option to include your own income statement and balance sheet information in the report.

Statistics Canada: Search for Commodities
If your business depends on importing or exporting, here's where you can get the detailed trade data that can make the difference. Search the Canadian international merchandise trade database, by commodity or industry, for a small fee, and download the data in whichever offered format is convenient for you.

Public Holiday Pay Calculator
For employers in Ontario, this calculator provides the calculation for what employees will need to be paid for nine public holidays.

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