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Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Are you one of the many small business owners facing retirement? Learn how to make a graceful transition with these business retirement planning resources.

Retirement Planning
This retirement planning definition presents some of the retirement planning issues for small business people and some retirement planning statistics and includes a link to a review of a small business retirement planning guide.

Closing a Business
An outline of the steps for closing a business in Canada, with detailed information for closing a business in Ontario and Quebec, including how to dissolve a corporation.

Book Review: The Canadian Small Business Owner's Guide to Financial Independence
The earlier retirement planning starts the better - especially if you're a small business owner or professional. This book review presents The Canadian Small Business Owner's Guide to Financial Independence by Barry and Mark McNulty as an excellent small business retirement planning resource.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements an Option for Small Businesses
An explanation of what a Retirement Compensation Arrangement is and how it can help small business owners prepare for a comfortable retirement.

RRSPs - The Best Income Tax Deduction...
If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership, the best income tax deduction for your small business is the RRSP. Here's why RRSPs are the best tax deductions and information about RRSP contribution limits.

RRSPs Are the Best Retirement Plan for Many Business Owners
Many small business owners view their small business as their retirement vehicle, figuring that when the time comes, they'll sell the business and use the proceeds to fund a comfortable retirement... But this isn't a feasible plan for many. Here's why.

Is Paying Yourself Dividends Better Than an RRSP?
According to Jamie Golombek, CIBC's Managing Director of Tax & Estate Planning, paying yourself dividends over time can be a better retirement planning strategy for small business owners than contributing to an RRSP.

Family Business Succession Planning
What's going to happen to your business when you don't work it any more? This article about the issues of succession planning and tips for family business succession planning will help you plan a smooth transition to the next generation.

How To Downsize Your Business
If you define success in terms of quality of life and are ready to stop working as hard as you do, these practical strategies will help you downsize your business.

Is It Time to Downsize Your Business?
People downsize their homes all the time, moving to a smaller, more manageable version. Maybe it's time to downsize your business and improve your quality of life. Test yourself to see if you're ready.

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