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Search Engine Optimization Step-by-Step


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Find alternative keyword phrases for your page.
Search engine optimization step-by-step.

Overture keyword search for "optimization".

If you’re working on search engine optimization and your keyword phrase research shows you that there’s not much interest in your chosen keyword phrase, you’ll want to come up with more popular alternatives.

In my experience, nouns are often more popular search choices than verbs, so I would guess that “optimization” would be a more popular search choice than “optimize”.

Below you’ll see my results when I enter “optimization” into the Overture tool – much better results than I got for the keyword phrase “optimize a page”. Even better, this search shows me other potential keyword phrases that I’ll want to consider for my page, such as “web site optimization” with 4752 results and “search engine optimization” with 101,349 results.

Remember, for the best search engine optimization results, I want to have one keyword phrase per page. Which one of these three potential keyword phrases should I choose?

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