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Search Engine Optimization Step-by-Step


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Choose the best key word phrase for your page.
Search engine optimization step-by-step.

Dominate the search engine optimization pond for your keyword phrase.

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When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s often better to be a big fish in a small pond. In other words, I probably have a better chance of getting a page one search engine ranking for my page if I choose a keyword phrase that has less competition.

The number of people recorded as searching for the keyword “optimization” in my Overture keyword Search suggests a great opportunity to dominate the pond and get a high search ranking. However, the search results for “search engine optimization” are not out of the stratosphere either. I’d be tempted to take a run at both these terms by creating separate pages optimized for each.

It’s better to create separate pages targeting different keyword phrases than to try and make one page cover both. I decide to go for the gusto and use the keyword phrase “search engine optimization” for this page.

Having made a decision, the next step of effective search engine optimization is to make sure that I’ve put my keyword phrase in all the right places on my page – the places where search engines and their spidering software like to see them.

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