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Search Engine Optimization Step-by-Step


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Put your keyword phrase in your page metatitle.
Search engine optimization step-by-step.

See the keyword phrase repetition in the metatitle?

The metatitle is the title that appears at the top of your browser window when you’re viewing a page online. It’s one of the most important places to put your keyword phrase for search engine optimization because search engines give the metatitle a lot of weight when determining page rankings.

Many people don’t realize that the metatitle is a great opportunity to repeat your keyword phrase once or twice. Your human visitors won’t care as most people don’t even read a browser title once they’ve arrived at a page and your nonhuman search engine spider visitors will love it. (Don’t repeat it more than twice though or they won’t like it at all!)

When you’re performing search engine optimization, get into the habit of repeating your keyword phrase by using a structure to form your metatitle such as:

[keyword phrase] – How to [keyword phrase]

All kinds of variations on this basic structure are possible, as you’ll see in the metatitle of the page I’ve given as an example of search engine optimization below.

You should not use any punctuation in your metatitle, other than the hyphen.

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