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Selling a Business

Selling a business? Read these articles for information and advice on how to sell a business, including tips for selling, business valuation methods, and how to increase what your business is worth.

How to Sell a Business – Asset Sale vs Share Sale
Asset sale vs share sale – which is the best way to sell your small business? This comparison of the two ways to sell a business includes tips for sellers.

Exit Strategies for Your Small Business
Ready to move on from your small business? Having an exit strategy worked out in advance gives you the chance to maximize your profits and gives you some control over your small business's future. Here are six exit strategies for small businesses to choose from.

Top 7 Ways to Maximize Your Exit Strategy for Maximum Profit
Is selling your business the core of your exit strategy? Harvey Zemmel, exit strategy specialist, presents his top seven ways to maximize your exit strategy and sell your business for maximum profit.

5 Tips for Selling a Business
Selling a business is the most popular exit strategy for business owners. Whatever the reason you want to sell yours, these tips for selling a business will help ensure that you get the best price when you sell.

Business Valuation
What is business valuation? Here is a business valuation definition for small business owners and some business valuation resources.

3 Business Valuation Methods
Selling a business? Here is an explanation of the three most common business valuation methods to help you determine how much your business is worth.

Acqusition Financing and Payment Structures
How an acquisition will be financed and the payment structure is important to both buyers and sellers. Here are some common payment and financing structures you should know about, from Business Valuation Services (American).

Canadian Business Exchange
A Canada-wide database for buying and selling Canadian businesses and finding investment opportunities.

Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators
This is the home page of Canada's largest valuations organization, a non-profit professional group dedicated to ensuring vaulation excellence. The site includes a directory of members who provide valuation services to the public.

Creating and Realizing the Value of a Business
Management Consultant R.N. Hankin explains the characteristics of businesses that create value, which is not the same thing as price (Entrepreneurship.org).

Sample Valuation Guidelines
These business valuation guidelines from BusinessTown give you a way of figuring out how much your business is worth.

Selling a Business: Keep or Sell Test
Find out whether or not this is the right time for selling your business with this Keep or Sell Test from Certified Business Brokers.

Should I Sell My Business?
A quiz to help you determine if you're ready to sell, and an overview of the process of selling a business, from The Business Sale Center.

Valuing a Business for Sale
Business broker Russell Brown lists some common and uncommon things to look for when you're considering buying a business.

Various Facets of Selling a Business
Thinking of selling your business? BusinessTown outlines some important considerations, such as using a business broker, valuation, and dealing with qualified buyers.

Why Get a Business Valuation?
Preparing to sell a business is only one reason to get a business valuation. This article from BizQuest outlines other important reasons to get one.

Your Company is Worth What You Can Get
Joshua D. Wachs says there is no set rule for determining value, especially for a service business, and gives advice for maximizing value (Entrepreneurship.org)

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