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Top 4 Anti-Spam Software


Are you sick of spending more time each day weeding the spam out of your inbox? Get control of your inbox back with one of these top anti-spam software programs. While I've listed only single-use programs here, most of these anti-spam software programs also have multi-use license packages available. (A word of warning, though; these anti-spam software programs are designed to identify and block spam, not viruses. For virus protection, you will also want to install anti-virus software.)

1. McAffee SpamKiller Anti-Spam Software

SpamKiller's "self-learning" technology for identifying and blocking future spam works well and this anti-spam software has some added features that I really like, such as a Dictionary Attack filter that defeats name-generating software, One-Click Block and the ability to filter email from multiple accounts. And although it integrates fully with Outlook, it also works with other (PC) email programs.
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2. Symantec Norton AntiSpam Software

There's not a lot of difference between Norton's AntiSpam software and McAffee's SpamKiller. Both work the same way, using an "intelligent" spam-filtering engine to learn what spam to block in the future. Both programs automatically create a whitelist, let you set up friends and/or block lists, and both integrate with Outlook and work with other Pop-3 email programs. One minor drawback; this anti-spam software is not as configurable as SpamKiller.
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3. CA Anti-Spam Software

This is Qurb Anti-Spam Software under new ownership. Qurb won PC Magazine Editors' Choice for three years running. It works differently from the other anti-spam software here; instead of using a spam-filtering engine, Qurb only allows mail from your whitelist of approved senders to reach your inbox. I don't normally like whitelist anti-spam software, but this program is elegant. However, CA only works with Outlook or Outlook Express email programs.

4. Aladdin SpamCatcher Anti-Spam Software

It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but this anti-spam software works well at the main job - blocking spam. SpamCatcher works with any POP-3 email program and integrates with Outlook well. You can customize your spam protection from "Lenient" through "Exclusive" and the SpamCatcher Network is a fun feature that gives you more of a sense of control; once you report the spam, it will be filtered for all other SpamCatcher Network users.
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