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Speech Exercise: Tongue Twisters

Speech Skill: Clarity


(This speech exercise is part of the Speak For Success Course. While you can use this exercise to work on your speech skills at any time, it’s designed to work on a particular speech skill that you can find out more about at Speak for Success Speech Lesson 1.)

Say each of the following sentences out loud three times each, as quickly as you can while fully enunciating each word.

1) Keeping customers content creates kingly profits.

2) Success seeds success.

3) Bigger business isn’t better business but better business brings bigger rewards.

4) Wanting won’t win; winning ways are active ways.

5) Seventeen sales slips slithered slowly southwards.

6) Don’t go deep into debt.

7) Ensuring excellence isn’t easy.

8) Time takes a terrible toll on intentions.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you like.

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