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Canadian Business Success Stories

Successful Canadian business owners tell how they started, developed, and expanded their small or home-based businesses in these success stories.

Reader Responses: Your Biggest Business Success
What's your biggest business success to date, the accomplishment you're proudest of? If you're a small business owner, share your business success story here.

Canadian Small Business Success Story: Nutritional Coach Tzabia Siegel
This success story profiles nutritional coach Tzabia Siegel. Learn how she combined a trend with what she loves to do to build a successful coaching business – and discover tips that can take your professional services business to the next level.

"Andrea and Martin Swinton: Take-A-Boo Emporium"
Discover how this husband and wife team manage their successful partnership and how they meet the challenge of promoting their retail business locally and globally.

"Beverly Morgan: Kitz 4-U Inc."
Beverly Morgan shares information on how packaging laws affect product development, how to get your business export ready, and why niche marketing is essential.

"Drew Fraser: HAL Atlantic 2000"
Drew Fraser is one of the founders of HAL 2000 Atlantic. Drew's success story about distributing this voice-activated software shows what an innovative marketing strategy can do.

"Fergus V. Keyes - Panamsec.com"
In this small business success story, Panamsec.com President Fergus Keyes explains how his security products distributor company grossed over $400,000 in its first full year and continues to grow by concentrating on maintaining low overhead costs while building sales.

"Heather Diodati: Whimsies by DDesign"
Heather Diodati reveals how she created, produces, and markets the Pet Virus and other novelty products, and shares her insights into the creative process.

"Ian Scott: The Evolution of PairoWoodies"
One entrepreneur meets another entrepreneur over the Internet - and a successful partnership is born! Ian Scott reveals how he built his Internet-related business from scratch.

"Janice Byer: Docu-Type Administrative Services"
An award-winning entrepreneur shares her secrets of success, from starting up through marketing on a shoestring.

"Karen Fegarty of MailWorkZ"
This successful e-commerce business proves that Internet success is still possible, when you have a great product and are dedicated to providing "ultimate customer service".

"Mark McGregor: Financial Consultant and Speaker"
The first of this series of Canadian small business success stories showcases Mark McGregor, a successful Financial Consultant and Professional Speaker, who believes that obstacles exist to be overcome.

"Monica Hogg: MonicaWorks Web Design And Graphics"
"Believe in yourself," says Monica Hogg. Overcoming self-doubt was the key to starting and marketing her successful Web Design and Graphics business.

"Monique Howat: Confident Girls!"
Don't be afraid to follow your passion! Monique Howat explains how she developed her passion for inspiring others into an award-winning confidence building program for girls, teens, and women.

"Pet Lovers Newsmagazine: First Year Anniversary"
Jo Hooper and Jan Vermette run the only local publication about pets in Winnipeg, but they plan to run the biggest pets magazine in Manitoba. See what specific strategies are part of their marketing campaign.

"Susan Valeri: Master Virtual Assistant With A Niche"
Researching your target market is the key to carving out a niche for your business, says Susan Valeri, who's transformed her admiration for authors and speakers into a business offering administrative assistance and public relations management.

"Whyte's Framing: Lessons in Longevity"
This interview with Phil Whyte of Whyte's Framing provides lessons on longevity from a business that's been operating for over 20 years.

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