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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Reader Stories: My Worst Customer Service Experience


As small business owners, we get to experience customer service from both sides, as customer service providers and as customers of other businesses. What was your worst customer service experience and how do you ensure that your customers and/or clients don't experience that kind of customer service at your small business? Your story will help other small businesses provide good customer service.

Bad Customer Service: The Forgetful Caterer

Caterer's recovery plan met the minimum standards for customer service:1)Reversed the charges for something I never received2) Involved me in finding a solution for food she could not sell3) Offered …More

Bad Smell a Customer Service Killer

Service men should be told to use a public restroom, not the customer's. I shouldn't have to clean my bathroom each time someone comes to repair something. That would be a courtesy that many women wo…More

Anticipate Customer Needs for Customer Service

I offer assistance BEFORE they ask. I provide a FAQ on my website and do public speaking about my industry. Provide marketing material with tips. Get feedback on services provided to happy customers.…More

Surprise! You Test-drive It, You Own It!

I put everything in writing up front - costs, services, what to expect. There is nothing worse for ruining your customer service reputation than adding surprise "unexpected" costs part-way into a job…More

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