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Readers Respond: Sample Mission Statements

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Mission statements present the values that you think are important and announce to the world why your company exists. In a nutshell, mission statements express what your company does and why it does it. How to Write a Mission Statement will lead you through the process of creating a mission statement for your business if you need help. Then add your mission statement to this page of sample mission statements. Add your example.

School Health

To improve comprehensive health services that address health needs of the students by ensuring that all the school health components are addressed.
—Guest keone Thupane

mission statement

We strive to provide a Professional, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaning Service for our Customers. Picture Perfect Cleaning is committed to helping and teaching environmentally safe cleaning procedures. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and we are still learning better ways to be a greener company. Everything, from our office to our cleaning supplies, are smart environmental choices. Customers are the most important part of our mission.
—Guest dottie


To deliver better quality clinical services to the community.
—Guest akinola nelson

4-nigHts Catering Services

Five years from now the 4-nigHts catering company will be known throughout the greater Milwaukee area and cities. Our company will achieve this by organizing and planning each event professionally. Our services will continue to and will be consistently affordable to our clients.
—Guest vickyhanson

Food and empowering women

My mission is to deliver a better quality of food to the people of Islamabad working in the Blue Area while empowering women on a household level to be a part of it while participating in cooking.
—Guest Mehoze

Mission Statement

The Bible League of South Africa serves ministries with training, materials and Bibles, so that ministries can serve their communities with excellence.
—Guest Leonie

Career vision

Helping others shape believe in education, religion. And break the covenant of corruption among people around me to create a better tomorrow.
—Guest omotosho elizabeth oluwakemi

My Husband's Future Business Mission

At Zombie Crypt Games, we are committed to selling high quality RPG table-top games, accessories, and services at a low price while providing excellent customer service with our friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable staff in a relaxing but stimulating environment. We also strive to encourage and inspire creativity and imagination to RPG lovers of all types through our entertainment, whether they are at home or in our store.


Our mission is to find New Residential property for first time and regular buyers of real estate at the best price possible and with the widest range of services with no fee to the buyer, so we can find him the home he dreamt of.
—Guest Yasser Rahman

Stand up for Parental Alienation!

For all parents and grandparents, to protect our rights to be a part of our childrens' lives!
—Guest Brenda Benoit-Adkins

Threads and Patches

At Threads and Patches we sell quality craft products that our customers can use to make beautiful items to treasure. We are committed to encouraging creativity in our customers through quality of choice and education, helping them to achieve the handicraft results they desire in a friendly and supportive environment.
—Guest Sally

Misssion Statement examples

The purpose of stakeholder coordination by HIS is to ensure harmonious stakeholder participation in HIS endeavors in provision of timely, accurate, and reliable health and health-related information for decision making and policy.
—Guest Ranks

Ramdeens Infertility Center

MISSION STATEMENT FOR MY BUSINESS about my friendly staff and serving our patient IVF center. We specialize in women who cannot get pregnant, conceive and need help; our purpose is to help them to be a proud parent.
—Guest sweethuneybee

Zest Tech Academy

To help The youngsters of the world with better education in the growing Ecommerce Industry with proper Care and Motivation removing perplexion and thus grooming them into a Cracker Jack of IT.
—Guest Ekta Kamlani

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower, and inspire learners through education, practical experience, and trainings as innovative thinkers.

Add your example.

Sample Mission Statements

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