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Mission statements present the values that you think are important and announce to the world why your company exists. In a nutshell, mission statements express what your company does and why it does it. How to Write a Mission Statement will lead you through the process of creating a mission statement for your business if you need help. Then add your mission statement to this page of sample mission statements.

Ramdeens Infertility Center

MISSION STATEMENT FOR MY BUSINESS about my friendly staff and serving our patient IVF center. We specialize in women who cannot get pregnant, conceive and need help; our purpose is to help them to be a proud parent.
—Guest sweethuneybee

Zest Tech Academy

To help The youngsters of the world with better education in the growing Ecommerce Industry with proper Care and Motivation removing perplexion and thus grooming them into a Cracker Jack of IT.
—Guest Ekta Kamlani

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower, and inspire learners through education, practical experience, and trainings as innovative thinkers.

Our Mission

To help manufacturers' succeed by providing products that meet and exceed customer expectations.
—Guest Hayes Quality Auditing


To liberate people from satanic bondage and add beauty to their existence through the preaching and teaching of God's word.
—Guest DAINI P.O

Mission Statement

To become a backbone of Powder Coating units located in Maharashtra by providing super quality spares.
—Guest Ravindra Gavde

Empowerment Mission Statement

"To re-assure women that trusting is the key to a better future while lending a helping hand in that time of need."
—Guest Natara

Lewis & Lewis Mobile Catering

Lewis & Lewis Mobile Cafe's purpose is to provide you with a high quality of good food that you will enjoy. So that your time and gas is not wasted, we will deliver to you the best Salads, Southern Style and New Orleans Style cooking.
—Guest Timothy Lewis

Empowerment Mission Statement

Helping Others Shape believes in educating, inspiring, and empowering self-employed entrepreneurial women through speaking engagements, trainings, and events. We show guidance to all women, respect members' opinions, and uplift and support one another.
—Guest Pat

Specific and Short

The Mission Statement must be specific and short. i.e. for A Noisy Street Restaurant: " We serve 2Qs Quietly With Quality".
—Guest, KNC

Organizational Member

Our mission statement says that we represent low income women, but we have opened the door for women, who are just at the poverty line or could benefit from the program in some way. Since our mission statement states the program is for low-income women will we be considered as misleading?
—Guest Carla

Work at Home Business Expo

Our mission statement: "To put Americans back to work by empowering each of us to control our own professional destiny through a home based business model"
—Guest WaHBexpo.com

Pamper Pet

At Pamper Pet we give your pets the same loving care that you would when you can't.
—Stella T.
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