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Readers Respond: Sample Vision Statements

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From the article: Sample Vision Statements
Remember your vision statement is your inspiration; it's your dream of what you want your company to accomplish. If you're having trouble putting your own vision statement together, How to Write a Vision Statement will lead you through the process. Add Your Vision Statement

By end of 2014 Vision

By the end of 2014 I will improve my livelihood and improve lives.
—Guest Sharon


To be a Market Leader in All Business Vertical with supreme standard of quality and customer satisfaction.
—Guest sanjay

MRM Soaping

MRM Soaping’s five year vision is to not only master the craft of making soaps but to share it by donating soaps to the needy, homeless and volunteering at various venues teaching young girls and boys how to make soap.
—Guest Melody

Vision Statement

Driving effective business process through cost-effective ICT systems to deliver quality of service to customers and other stakeholders.
—Guest Mark Abuabu-Dadzie

Vision Statement of Grace2Excel eduServe

In the process of striving to educate ALL people especially students to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams, Grace2Excel eduServe will become the best inviting blog among others by providing clear, concise and memorable client-based information for the purpose of making educative process easier so that people throughout the world can improve their educational skills.
—Guest Olubamiro Olajide D.


Five years fro now Second Energy company will be number one and the top solar and energy saver business provider in Jordan and the Middle East and be a known and a famous name to all people, young and old, small businesses and big companies, by consistently providing the best energy saver systems that are reliable, affordable, efficient and maintain credible services and honor our system guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction in all of our branches in Jordan and abroad.
—Guest Darwish Zaza

Indian Food Corporation Ltd 2020

By next 2 years I'll be present all over Odisha & in 5 years all over India. By 2010 I'll enter into international markets with my product range of FMCG.

A most enlighting vision statement

Five years from today, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel will be the most excellent hotel for the elderly in India by creating the very best unique experience in elderly care giving with genius facilities and utmost satisfaction achieved assuring the elderly a progressive and healthy rest of their lives.
—Guest Young Wasim

My Business Vision

in ten years the name of my business will change from Angel's fast food and take away cafe to Angel's restaurant.
—Guest Angel

My Vision Statement

To share our gift and change the world one person at a time.

Vision statement

To be the leading importer of quality children wear in Uganda.
—Guest chrissabell

Vision of Hope

To keep families and individuals united and strong as they progress to overcome their challenges and see the seed of hope blossom into a new beginning tomorrow.
—Guest Trina Logan

Our Vision Is...

to be a global authority that empowers and equips young creative minds with all the requirements to become unlimited leaders & people of all round success.
—Guest Creative Achievement Network

Stop Parental Alienation Abuse

In next 5 years, I plan to get a law passed to stop parental alienation abuse!
—Guest Brenda Benoit-Adkins

Medical Stores

In the next 5 years opening 2 new medical stores and 1 nursing home.
—Guest sanjay r raorane

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Sample Vision Statements

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