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From the article: Sample Vision Statements
Remember your vision statement is your inspiration; it's your dream of what you want your company to accomplish. If you're having trouble putting your own vision statement together, How to Write a Vision Statement will lead you through the process.

Medical Stores

In the next 5 years opening 2 new medical stores and 1 nursing home.
—Guest sanjay r raorane

My vision statement

Five years from now, I, Dineo Sebobane, will have a dance group that involves youth and exposes them on how to deal with sustainable living issues and to live at peace with nature.

Zest Tech Academy

Five Years from Today, Zest Tech academy will be the most excellent Think Tank In India by creating Stalwarts in the Internet Marketing Zone with genius education and utmost satisfaction assuring a progressive Life ahead.
—Guest Ekta Kamlani

Our Plan

To provide good customer service to increase our growth.
—Guest Babuke Teikake Tauro

Our Vision

To raise awareness in business that " We all have customers."
—Guest Hayes Quality Auditing

JDElton Grant Writer

A Vision Statement: JDElton Grant Consultants in Amsterdam will be financially stable in (5) Five years, and Wealthy in (10-15) Ten - Fifteen years; Since everyone needs a non-repayable grant, and since Grant Proposal Writing is our Business, And business is GOOD!

Our Vision 2020 Wellness India

To create the largest community of socially, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially rich Indians.

our vision

Be a leading trading machinery spare parts company in south Asia.

Sample Vision Statement

My company provides a unique solution for waste heat recovering and adding value to that.
—Guest murali


1. Vision is a thought / dream 2. Mission is a direction / strategy 3. Goals are ways and means 4. Targets are the mile stones 5. Actions are the activities 6. Measurements / evaluations / reviews and corrections traceable to the Vision through its hierarchy
—Guest J.J.SINGH

Vision Statement

Mission: By The Way Community Development Corporation Purpose is to express a challenge, and a commitment to enhance the lives of those we touch, by helping them through drug, alcohol, prevention, treatment, housing and innovative programs and activities, while enabling them to reach their personal goals. Vision: To Become the largest provider of Transitional Living in Texas.
—Guest By The Way Inc.

Window Warm's Vision Statement

Window Warm's Company Vision is 'Pre-paring your home for the future'. As a company we believe it should be short and sweet. Our mission statement can be found on our website... www.windowwarm.com
—Guest window doc

Child Ministry Vision Statement

Five years from now Open Doors will teach a broad range of young people to shape their community and homes through an expression of faith in Jesus by choosing to adopt biblical values in their day to day decision making.
—Guest samuel

CKC Vision Statement & Misson Statement

We, the academic community of Christ the King College, a Filipino , Catholic and RVM school, inspired of humble servanthood, commit ourselves to quality Christian education for the integral development of persons into Marian leaders in generous service to the Church and society.
—Guest christ the king college(gingoog city)

vision statement of general practice

Five years from now, my practice as a G.P. will make the effort to detect early stages of cancer by implementing affordable, reliable and professional screening methods for men and women above 40 years old.
—Guest alice franklin

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