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Readers Respond: What Are Your Tips for Better Customer Service?

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Good customer service is vitally important for small businesses. It gives them a way to differentiate themselves from bigger competitors and carve out their own market niches. What are your tips for better customer service? Share Your Tips

100% Attitude In Customer Service

The article can be supported with instilling the right attitude to establish exceptional customer service. It is pointless to spend lavishly on technology, equipment or facilities if employees showcases bad attitude.
—Guest Viganesh Kumar

Great all the way!

Yes, I agree with this totally! In fact, I 'believe' I MAY do with little less of 'brain' but 'heart' cannot be compromised! Am I unhappy if I am not able to help other person? Whatever the reasons for limitations may be? Yes, I am unhappy! After the client goes away, of course, unsatisfied/ unhappy, I try not to forget that communication and seek for ways of not having to see same repeated. It was not that I lost 'only one' customer, but I lost someone who had helped me build my business. That cannot be 'only one' but 'ONE'. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not! Could I have done it better? If yes, I have to DO IT next oppurtunity I get and , in fact, try and get back to same unsatisfied user and 'complete' helping him out!
—Guest Anay

Great customer service

I go out of my way to help the customer. I treat them the way I want to be treated. If you have great customer service you will have great customers. I treat them as my friend, find what they need and sell it. And they always come back to me. I appreciate them as they do me. Smile, be courteous, and honest.
—Guest Susan

Own up to it!

A very important area of customer service, which I didn't see in the section on complaints, is that when a customer points out that an error was made, it is best if whoever takes the complaint apologizes, then takes steps to ensure that the mistake is fixed. It's not helpful if the company simply deflects the blame onto the customer, or refuses to admit that there could have been an error.
—Guest Carolyn McInroy

Phone sales territory coordinator

Always smile especially if you are on the phone as smiles can be heard. Always dress professionally...even on the phone because it is conveyed.
—Guest carol panetta

Answer questions simply

Different individual needs to be treated accordingly. Give required and simple answers to individual questions. Where you need to elaborate and give details on questions asked you do, but if not really necessary, give simple and understandable answers . Don't drag out issues but make sure effective communication takes place and the customer is satisfied and happy at the end.
—Guest Kumi

Being Natural

In my view it entails being Your Natural Humble Self. Be comfortable with Your Unique Positive Personality, not trying to please anyone by trying to put up a false identity. For instance, a client that has been to UK comes visiting; don't lie that you have been to the U.S.A. just to impress and put up a front.
—Guest Oji Chinomso Hope

Happy Happy Customers

When I have a scenario where the customer is having any type of inconvenience, I put myself in the customer's shoes and I try to do my best as quickly as possible in order to find a resolution for the customer's needs by approaching the customer and acknowledging the customer's situation.
—Guest oliver

Be Cultural and Sensitive

Be cultural and traditional sensitive to how elders, couples, ladies, gents and young ones are welcomed, talked to and treated in a particular society. This makes them feel cared for and can easily create a good rapport between customers and sellers. For example the way a certain waiter stood and talked to my father made me hate the restaurant.
—Guest Moses Aryenge Nkhoma

Customer Service

If the customer asks about the other brands of the same commodity, please don't pass any negative comments on the competitors' products and also don't blame them. Say what is in the products and their feasibility.
—Guest Basil Pereira

Just be nice all the time.

Giving great customer service is not easy, however, it is achievable. The most powerful way to become successful in giving great customer service is to be nice all the time. No matter how rude the customers are, just stay calm and positive. Just be nice all the time.
—Guest cindy penn

How important great customer service is?

We all know that looking for someone to buy a product or services through promotions is achievable but retaining current customer is another task or challenge to face. Thus, providing great customer service is the best solution for such issue. That is how important great customer service is.

Tips on how to handle an irate customer

The best way to handle an irate customer is to listen. Listening is the way to let the customer express his/her complaints. Then, let him/her feel that he/she is special and address his/her problem accordingly.

What about the introverted customer?

What about the customer who walks into the place, does not make eye contact and does not offer any communication with employees? What is the best way to serve these people? This is often overlooked in these articles but knowing this stuff is important. It would seem to me that if they don't look in my direction when they enter, I should not yell out a greeting at them as it may annoy them or cause them to turn right around. If they know exactly what they want then they will get it and proceed to the counter. That is where you get a chance to greet and try to make the customer feel welcome. The worst thing you can do for Mr grumps is get in his face with an over-eager attitude when he just wants to be left alone.
—Guest anonomous

Customer Service

Customer Service is a byproduct of understanding what customers need, understanding the specific advantages of each product available to the customer, and tailoring the service offering to best meet their needs.
—Guest Focus Services

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What Are Your Tips for Better Customer Service?

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