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Readers Respond: What Are the Most Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

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Being a successful entrepreneur means having a particular collection of personality traits and skills that let you see business opportunities that others don’t and figure out how to bring them to fruition. What do you think are the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur and why? Share Your Thoughts

An Entrepreneur is...

One who manages to organize and run the firm. He plays as the coordinator on the factors of the production. He is also the one who prepares time, labor, period, money and new ideas to the government.
—Guest apollo

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur must possess persistence and determination.
—Guest Bruce Chadwick

The Most Important Characteristics

The most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is that first he must make plans before he start the business. This will prevent future failure so the entrepreneur needs to set the plan like this: 1: tasks 2: objective 3:goal 4: vision 5: mission. This will facilitate the entrepreneur to succeed.

Characteristics of entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs usually like to be autonomous (Freedom). They dislike to work under servitude.
—Guest jabir nangameta

How to make it happen

An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity that others don't, and takes action by planning the business, then doing his market research to give a better idea about the success of the business, then with confidence implementing his idea, and then watching it grow profitably.
—Guest marcelina

An entrepreneur should be always focused

Time management is one of the very important keys to succeed for a entrepreneur. Always being focused is as well important with trying to be a mind reader to understand what exactly the customer needs.
—Guest Yogendra gite

Entrepreneurs Need Sagacity

Looking at a goal as but just the start point to the journey.
—Guest Ogwayi S

Learn to Grow...

An entrepreneur thrives on nothing else but the desire to be successful; you have to believe to achieve.
—Guest siaosi

Characteristics of an entepreneur

An entrepreneur must be aggressive. He must have aggression to get things done, unlike procrastination.
—Guest newton.sigu


A successful entrepreneur should be strongly willed and pursue his vision tenaciously.

Entrepreneurs Needs Patience

An entrepreneur should be someone who is not shaken by any negative result despite the advice from friends to change to another sector of their choice.

The Most Important Characteristics

An entrepreneur...Envisions a need (human or other) and takes decisive action (in a businesslike manner and setting) to fill that need.
—Guest Leo Mitchell

Problem Solver

An entrepreneur is one who looks at the existing problems and comes up with a solution which makes business sense.
—Guest b r venkatesh

Forex coach, trader . investor

My personal thought for being a Entrepreneur is one with true sincerity, honesty, integrity, capacity, one able to deliver anytime, any place, anywhere and able to share the knowledge power with the right mind. Of course all these must come with the right inner being...
—Guest Dan Tan

Entrepreneur Characteristics

An entrepreneur must be ready to take an active role to oversee/supervise the business venture.
—Guest Gichuki

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What Are the Most Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

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