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Readers Respond: Examples of Goals

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From the article: 10 Goal Setting Tips
Setting goals is easy but achieving them can be hard. Life interferes. And while we may really want to accomplish our goal when we set it, it can be difficult to stay focused and keep working to a goal’s completion. One thing you can do to increase the chances of achieving your goals is to write them down. Share your examples of goals here.

goal in business

to establish a crematorium in my city within six months.
—Guest erwin c. rabago

Grocery owner

My goal is to turn my grocery into a supermarket store.
—Guest Alice

Small Business

I've longed to start a business in accounting and/or property management. I will start by networking with others that have similar interest.
—Guest Jannie

Develop Workshop Materials

I will prepare workshop materials (instructor & learner) for two workshops I want to market for my business, and have them in draft form by Dec 21.
—Guest Karen C.

Business Start-Up

I want to start my business that has long been a dream -even though registered before the end of this 2011. Overcoming all excuses and delays,but actually beginning the office and business relationships.
—Guest Shola


I would like to be a Microsoft certified professional.
—Guest Viddi

Write More

Okay, Susan, if I write this goal down, it will increase my chances of accomplishing it. With this in mind, I will complete the writing of two books this year - one is already well under way. Thanks!
—Susan H.

Reward myself for hitting a goal

Over the last couple of years I've been working hard and sticking pretty close to my quarterly and annual plans but it often seemed like I was spinning my wheels. If you have a small staff or staff of one, you don't get a lot of feedback other than your balance sheet. So, earlier this month I made a list of what I accomplished this year, including new clients, acquiring new skills, etc. and it felt good! The list was longer than I realized. Now I've decided to give myself a holiday bonus. :-)
—Guest Kat

Wintertime Activity

My goal is to find a fun winter activity this year that will help keep me in shape until spring comes. The rest of the year, I bike and kayak, but those activities are put on hold December-April where I live (New England). I've looked into indoor tennis, but scheduling a court is too big a hassle; so I'm still looking for solution.
—Guest David Beaulieu

Same Goal Every Year!

My goal is to be more organized. I lose a lot of valuable work time trying to find things I've misplaced or remember what I had planned to do. Being more organized will really help me.
—Guest Nancy


My goal is to get up from my desk everyday and do an exercise routine.
—Guest Denise

Make Work More Manageable

An off-shoot of what Tim was discussing, my goal example for 2011 is to make my work life more manageable, by breaking tasks up into smaller, defined pieces. I think this goal puts project needs in perspective, allows me to complete tasks by a deadline, and decreases stress if I know the road map before diving in to my work like I did before!


My goal is to find an appropriate work life balance.

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