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Readers Respond: Examples of Goals

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From the article: 10 Goal Setting Tips
Setting goals is easy but achieving them can be hard. Life interferes. And while we may really want to accomplish our goal when we set it, it can be difficult to stay focused and keep working to a goal’s completion. One thing you can do to increase the chances of achieving your goals is to write them down. Share your examples of goals here. Share Your Goals

Business growth

My aim is to expand my business by introducing wholesale distribution to the Tanga region by 2015.
—Guest Assey, Yusta


I want to upgrade my matric, so I can be able to study with university of South Africa because I didn't pass my matric well. I want to be a teacher.
—Guest vincent rasealoka

Reading goals

One month from now I want to read two hours daily and three hours during weekends to accomplish my PRMIA management course.

To do something

I am trying to set my goal to memorize the holy Quran and be a poet plus to star in my study project.
—Guest Saly


My goal for this year is to educate myself and my children - every day something new.
—Guest Leonie


My goal is to start and finish every task i commit myself to do and on time.
—Guest Ed

My career growth

I would like to be a Technical Analyst in my future employer.

Better my life

My goal is to further my education and start writing my business plan.
—Guest Marian O

My Goals

I will produce P5M closed sales in a month. I will faithfully and consistently monitor/teach my child for this school year so that we could jump to mainstreaming class by the next school year.
—Guest allen

Overcome Fear

I am ready to start my own business but I am afraid of financial instability .. So I am setting the date for my first advertisment for August 15th ... I have to just go for it.
—Guest Helen Ireland

Grocery owner

My goal is to turn my grocery into a supermarket store.
—Guest Alice

Small Business

I've longed to start a business in accounting and/or property management. I will start by networking with others that have similar interest.
—Guest Jannie

Develop Workshop Materials

I will prepare workshop materials (instructor & learner) for two workshops I want to market for my business, and have them in draft form by Dec 21.
—Guest Karen C.

Business Start-Up

I want to start my business that has long been a dream -even though registered before the end of this 2011. Overcoming all excuses and delays,but actually beginning the office and business relationships.
—Guest Shola


I would like to be a Microsoft certified professional.
—Guest Viddi

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Examples of Goals

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