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Readers Respond: What Are the Top Business Trends Today?

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From the article: Top 5 Business Trends 2011
Small businesses are known for being nimble and adaptive – but that means being able to spot and keep up with business trends (and if you can get ahead of them a bit, even better)! What are the top business trends today? And how can your small business profit from these business trends? Share Your Thoughts

Small business advantage with new tech

Small businesses especially can benefit from a stong social media presence. Where larger business locations are well known, a smaller business needs to work at spreading the word on basic information such as their location and services or products. The rise of phone apps affecting shoppers' behaviour is an advantage for small businesses who can benefit from apps like 4square, which add the social media affect of peer influence. Small businesses, especially newer start ups, can avoid hefty POS system costs by utilizing a cloud based mobile payment system like Square, which uses a small inexpensive card reader attached to a mobile phone to accept debit and credit card payment for a relatively small fee. Smaller businesses are at an advantage overall to adapt to the offerings of new technology, since switching over form older computing and payment systems may cost more than the savings.
—Guest Denise Mowry

Easy living , minimal objects , simple.

Back to basics. We will start from Socrates. It does not matter if West does not want to learn new tricks called spirit and faith. They can build along Q.M. theory and do nano tech food, textile, home decor. paints etc. in Organic era. If astrology is not studied, the West can perfect psychological innate character study and hone his skills. Keeping this as a base, one can build minimal objects, easy living, simple creative style objects and activities for sustainable living. It is not difficult as is proven by our ancestors.
—Guest N.J.BOND

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What Are the Top Business Trends Today?

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