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Readers Respond: What Inexpensive and Free Marketing Ideas Do You Recommend?

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What small business isn't looking for free marketing ideas or at least marketing ideas that are inexpensive that they can use to get the word out about their products and services? Small businesses often have correspondingly small marketing budgets that get stretched pretty thin over the course of a year. What inexpensive and free marketing ideas do you recommend? Your Marketing Ideas

Partnership Listing

I recommend partnership listing on websites. Providing a free link on your website in exchange for a free link on someone else's website. Does not have to be in the same industry just more traffic the better.
—Guest Tessa

Be client conscious!

Every change brings along with it an opportunity of a lifetime. A technological change, for example, makes people use portable devices more than ever! It would then be wise for businesses to develop applications or software that brings the customers in close contact with the products and services being marketed!

Free Viral Advertising

FreeViral gives you an advertising page where you can advertise any site, with just a handful of free referrals your ad goes viral on 100's of others sites. Takes only 5 minutes to set up! This traffic system is free, no credit card needed.

Online adverting with radio promo

I have recently come to know of www.YouSaveHere.ca which is Canada’s newest online market place to advertise businesses from any categories. They are very reasonably priced and by advertising with them, they will also give you a whole day of intro on the local radio station where they are doing their advertising for free! If you own a small or medium sized business in Canada, you need to be on their site.

Free Advertising

You can promote your business for free at http://www.BiznessQuest.com. With an account, you can add your company profile, coupons and upcoming events.
—Guest April

Free business promotion tool

www.Fastbin.com helps your company receive quality exposure to millions of web visitors by allowing you to post quick how-to or informational articles. Fastbin not only displays the articles for all to see, but attaches your logo, a description of your services and your contact information as a letterhead to that article. Better yet, Fastbin works to index all articles in search engines, so the next time someone searches Google or another search engine for information in your industry, they may not only find your article but the means to contact you for further products or services. Visit the site and write about what you know, whether it be industry tips or a quick how-to article and encourage your friends to do the same. Any business can benefit and it's completely free for everyone involved.
—Guest Boans

Mobile Marketing

Technology is sweeping the world, by the end of 2011 half of Americans will own a smartphone. With mobile marketing you can send a SMS text message with your promo, special, or event. Over 97% of text messages are read. Text your audience 24/7 directly and individually! There's no better way to get your message across. BE WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE EYES ARE, on their phone! Create apps and mobile website systems! Contact The BOA Agency for more information 813 684 0011, visit www.theboaagency.com. They provide different and highly effective ways of getting you real time exposure!
—Guest Bryan

Email Marketing

Email your prospect about your service. You can include your business card, leaflet and/or other tools that relate to your business...
—Guest nyny love

Improve Customer Relations

Improving your customer relations has advantages like getting feedback and patronage by the consumer.
—Guest dudoh

Free Business ads by Hubzi.com

Hubzi.com provides a platform where businesses, vendors, freelancers, subject matter experts and service providers can offer and promote their services for Free. Using Hubzi.com, service providers can create Marketing Profiles and associate those profiles with different service categories. These Profiles will summarize many pages of a business's website into a small, searchable and informative briefing and can be easily shared on favorite social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also post ads and classifieds style listings about your services, products and promotions on the website in order to gain more exposure with potential clients. Remember that all classifieds and business ads are Free of charge, so you have nothing to lose.

Use Brandable Ebooks To Promote Business

Using brandable e-books that provide a resource that readers want to share is the very best way to get the world out. Books such as "101 Real-World Ways To Make Money" is the most viral brandable ebook available.
—Guest Jason Cook

Professors as Salesforce

We recently launched gleeditions.com, a website that sells our innovative, online annotated editions of Shakespeare and Twain. Because we are such a new and unique product whose target audience is college students--especially English majors--we are enlisting college professors to help. We are offering free access to our titles when professors assign our e-texts for their classes, as well as a rewards program to increase incentive. We are an affordable, green, and dynamic alternative to traditional texts and so much more than an e-book that we had to market ourselves in a bold, new way. If you're an educator, look us up for your free access, and others, try this approach! www.gleeditions.com

Personality Endorsement

You'd be surprised how cheaply you can purchase a radio personality endorsement from a trust name like Bill Handel or Sean Hannity. Dan Granger with Clear Channel at www.talkradiospecialist.com offers some fairly inexpensive but very effective tactics. Because it's radio it's A LOT cheaper than you'd think.

Free Marketing

Kijiji.com is a fantastic and very well used website that I use for FREE advertising. In fact, most of my bookings have come from people seeing my company/services advertised on kijiji!
—Guest Rocklin Parties

Inexpensive and Free Marketing Idea

Make use of all the contacts on your phone, your friends on blogs and also friends on your social network site (e.g. Facebook).

Your Marketing Ideas

What Inexpensive and Free Marketing Ideas Do You Recommend?

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