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Readers Respond: What Are Your Facebook Marketing Tips?

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Facebook marketing is touted as being a great way for businesses to promote their products and services. But just throwing up a Facebook Fan Page and hoping people visit isn't going to do much, if anything, to help your bottom line. How do you move from being on Facebook to actually marketing on Facebook? What are your Facebook marketing tips?

How to double your fan conversions

The best way to double your fan conversion is to set up a facebook "reveal" fan page...here's a video on how to do it in 3mins with no hosting and no designer. http://www.responsemagic.com/facebook.php
—Guest Monika

How to Get More Business Using Facebook

Get more business through Facebook by posing contest questions in the Facebook pages. People that have more than half right answers will receive a nominal present. These presents will be posted to them through the post.
—Guest aiyoh

Use a Contest

One thing I think works really well when you're Facebook marketing is having some kind of contest going on on your page. People love contests and you can have them post their contest entries right on your page. And then if you set it up so fans get to vote on who wins, you've got two chances to get them to post and get involved.
—Barb T.

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