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Readers Respond: What Are Your Time Management Tips?

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From the article: 11 Time Management Tips
Successful time management allows us to move from feeling constantly harassed and not getting done what we want to get done to feeling satisfied that our time is well spent. It's using the time we have to do what we have to do well so that we have more time to do what we want to do. But how do we get from here to there? What are your time management tips? Share Your Tips

Perfect Time Management

First thing in the morning, before I get up from my bed, I start my day by working on my mind... One of the 'statements' I repeat is "Perfect Time Management! I do it several times, and guess what? My very mind organizes my whole day in a very practical way - all of my actions come up naturally during the day and I accomplish them perfectly! Well this works for me.
—Guest Richardphillip

Exercise Notebook

I find that if I put today's date at the top of a school exercise book, then each job I have to do, is written underneath, and a line drawn under the problem, to discern it from the next. When the job is done a line on the diagonal is drawn through it, so that at anytime, I can flip back through the book, (or somebody else doing my job can ) and see what has not been crossed off. This book method does not have crashes either!! And I don't have to back it up! Yay!
—Guest chrissy g

It's All About Decision Making

All of those are super tips and in order for tips to work each person must build an awareness of how they make decisions. Effective decision-making is key to acting on the tips provided. Deciding is the key to time management success! You can learn in my new book: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed-www.joanncorley.com
—Guest JoAnn Corley


I'm a student taking seven university courses. That's hard. To manage my time, I segregate the course duties so I do one course's work each day of the week. Each Saturday I read the chapter and do the assignment for income tax, Sunday for auditing, Monday for cost accounting...each day I know that if I don't get that day's course work done, I won't get a second chance at it and will probably fail that chapter's part of the exam.
—Guest Canuck

7 time-saving tricks for the overworked

I'd like to share an infographic with 7 easy, yet very helpful tips for saving time during the workday and getting everything done without overworking - http://www.wrike.com/blog_images/164400/infographic_time_management_Wrike.jpg?blogId=164400&fileName=infographic_time_management_Wrike.jpg By the way, 35% of US workers say that they work on weekends regularly!
—Guest Dasha Golubeva

My Time Management Tip

I think the best way is to prioritize and make a plan for each day.

Tasking Tips

I've learned another time management tip for those of us who's time is a little more flexible. I make a list of projects (no more than five) and break those projects up into steps (no more than 10 per project). My goal is to get at least two tasks per project done per week. I also make a daily list of tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks. I have a MS Word document that I keep on my desktop that I can print off and use as a check sheet. I only have to spend extra time "organizing myself" when I finish all my projects, or a new project hits my desk.
—Guest Hanah's Aunt

Put in extra 15 minutes at night

I spend 15 minutes every night before going to bed making a list of things I need to do the next day. I prioritize the tasks and mentally try to figure out what all I need to finish them. If I don't have anything I make it a point to note it down in my list. So when I am ready to start my workday, I know what is to be done first and what I need to finish my job.

Benefits of time management

The application of time is a reference to both efficient and effective application. Effective application is in reference to skill and knowledge. Good time management offers some of the following benefits: • Helps to remove stress and anxiety brought on by time wasters • Aid in preventing the application of too much effort in limited time frames • Assists in running out of time for prioritized efforts • Aids in the effect applications of efforts • Helps to distinguish between higher level thinking processes and the performance of lower level routine tasks • It forces the establishment of habits and behaviours that should be productive and positive in nature and intent. • Forces focus on one project at a time, which should be viewed with the best scenario and outcome.
—Guest stockdaun

Time Management

Time management is effective, not efficient! Time management is designed to reduce the margin of error, not eliminate it. None of us has a crystal ball. Good time management allows for the application of skill and knowledge to solve problems or issues and take advantage of opportunity. Without the application of the previous elements, time in itself will solve very little. It is the applied efforts of individuals that gets resolve to problems or issues and grasps opportunity… through time.
—Guest stockdaun

Having a Plan

I find a written daily plan keeps me on track. And then checking off things as I do the task.

Time Management Tip

Have a list of your work in your wallet all the time.
—Guest Jeetu

Time Management

Keep a paper diary that shows a week at a time and then that way at one glance, you can see what's happening for the week with each genre of activity colour coded. The most important and first step at every opening is to ensure that the kids and family are in the diary first and then work everything else around them. They ARE the most important element in my week and by doing this I remain a happy mum and run a successful life coaching business!
—Guest Momentum Coaching and Training Pty Ltd

Put Yourself First

Always put yourself first - what do you need to do for yourself to move forward within the context of your values and your goals. If you know what you value, it's much easier to say no. If you know what you want to achieve, crafting an appropriate time allocation for yourself is a cinch! If you're as protective of yourself as you would be of any prized possession or important person in your life, choices are much easier to make. Valuing yourself leads to valuing your time and that leads to using your time wisely.
—Guest Lorraine, www.wizetime.com

Time Management

In time management it is necessary to do work faster. maintain a high level of speed according to your strength and keep record of this speed. Next time try to do the thing faster than the previous time. So in this way you will see a lot of time you can save.
—Guest adil

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What Are Your Time Management Tips?

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