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Susan Ward

Updated Articles and Resources

By Susan Ward

    Updated Articles and Resources
    • What happens if I can't pay the income tax that I owe? Created: Sunday, December 28, 2003 Updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014
      What to do if you can't pay the Canadian income tax you owe.
    • What is the time limit on an income tax audit? Created: Sunday, December 28, 2003 Updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014
      How long does the Canada Revenue Agency have to decide to audit your business after you've filed your income tax return?
    • Audit Created: Saturday, December 13, 2003 Updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014
      Definition of term audit and an explanation of the Canada Revenue Agency income tax audit process for Canadian small business owners.
    • How to Have a Worry-Free Vacation Created: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Updated: Thursday, July 24, 2014
      You don't need to take it with you or fret about it while you're there. Here's how small business owners can have a truly worry-free vacation.
    • 7 Ways to Come Up with a Winning Business Idea Created: Monday, July 21, 2003 Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
      How do you find the business ideas that will be the most profitable and personally fulfilling? Learn how to think like an entrepreneur.
    • When must corporate income tax returns be filed? Created: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
      Wondering when Canadian corporate tax returns are due? Here's how to know when the T2 corporate tax return must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.
    • When are corporate taxes due if there is a balance owing? Created: Thursday, February 10, 2011 Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
      If your Canadian corporation has a balance owing when you file your corporate tax return, here are the details about how long you have to pay.
    • The Best Business Opportunities 2014 Created: Monday, November 25, 2013 Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
      These best business opportunities are not only worth starting now but will make profits for years to come. Check them out if you want to start a small business in 2014.
    • Canadian Income Tax and Your Small Business Created: Thursday, February 28, 2008 Updated: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
      Do you operate a Canadian small business? This guide presents all the information you need to know about preparing and filing Canadian income tax returns.
    • Define Your Customer Before Marketing Created: Monday, December 08, 2003 Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014
      Marketing without a target will miss the mark. Learn how to define your customer before marketing to reach your target market.
    • 7 Ways to Make Your Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times Created: Thursday, March 27, 2008 Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014
      Factories fail. People lose jobs. Follow these best practices to ensure your business survives.
    • 7 Ways to Beat Summer Slowdown and Get Your Work Done Created: Thursday, July 26, 2012 Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014
      Finding it hard to resist the siren call of summer and focus on the work you should be doing for business and professional clients? These seven tips will show you how to keep your work motivation and productivity high.
    • Attracting New Business On a Shoestring Budget Created: Thursday, July 22, 2004 Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014
      Want to attract new business? Kelley Robertson presents eight inexpensive marketing strategies that will generate new business leads.
    • 6 Secrets for Selling More at Trade Shows & Craft Fairs Created: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Updated: Friday, July 18, 2014
      Watch your booth or table sales soar when you apply these sales secrets to engage potential customers and make them want to buy.
    • When is the Canadian taxes due date? Created: Sunday, December 28, 2003 Updated: Thursday, July 17, 2014
      Wondering when Canadian taxes are due? Here's information on Canadian taxes due dates for both personal income tax and corporate income tax returns.
    • Profit Test Created: Thursday, February 17, 2011 Updated: Thursday, July 17, 2014
      The profit test refers to the business definition used by the Canada Revenue Agency. Learn how it applies to your Canadian small business here.
    • 3 Business Valuation Methods Created: Monday, January 14, 2008 Updated: Thursday, July 17, 2014
      Selling a business? Here is an explanation of the three most common business valuation methods to help you determine how much your business is worth.
    • Back to School Marketing Ideas Created: Thursday, August 05, 2010 Updated: Thursday, July 17, 2014
      Take advantage of one of the biggest retail seasons of the year with these back to school marketing ideas.
    • 8 Rules For Good Customer Service Created: Sunday, August 15, 2004 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      These 8 simple rules will ensure that your business becomes known for its good customer service and allow you to reap the benefits that good customer service provides.
    • 6 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have a Website Created: Friday, March 21, 2014 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      Still don’t have a website for your small business? Here are six reasons why you should make getting online a priority.
    • Christmas and Business Created: Monday, November 01, 2010 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      Christmas shapes the business year and for many businesses, determines whether they're going to end up in the black or the red. This Christmas business collection has articles on everything you need for your business to make the most of the Christmas season, from how to increase sales through articles about Christmas business traditions and business gifts.
    • Halloween - A Really Sweet Business Opportunity Created: Thursday, September 06, 2007 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      These Halloween statistics prove that those Halloween jack-o-lanterns are packed with business opportunities. Get inspired with these Halloween business ideas.
    • Exit Strategy Created: Friday, June 27, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      What is an exit strategy? This definition discusses exit strategies from a small business point of view.
    • 6 Exit Strategies for Your Small Business Created: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      Ready to move on from your small business? Having an exit strategy worked out in advance gives you the chance to maximize your profits. Here are six to choose from.
    • Cash Flow Analysis Created: Sunday, December 14, 2003 Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
      A definition of cash flow and an explanation of cash flow analysis for small business owners.
    • 6 Sure Ways to Increase Sales Created: Thursday, April 07, 2005 Updated: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
      Shifting your sales focus can make increasing your sales easier - and build the customer loyalty that results in repeat sales. Learn how with these six sure ways to increase sales.
    • Writing the Sales Letter Created: Thursday, July 21, 2005 Updated: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
      Studies show that sales letters outperform brochures and postcards. Here's how to write a sales letter that will persuade your readers to buy your product or service.
    • Uncovering Both Top- and Bottom-Line Growth for Your Online Business Created: Thursday, March 31, 2005 Updated: Monday, July 14, 2014
      Kevin Gold explains the difference between traffic generation or website conversion strategies and how to use both to increase your online business's sales.
    • 6 Traits You Need to Move From Being an Employee to Being Self-Employed Created: Thursday, December 30, 2004 Updated: Monday, July 14, 2014
      Here are the six traits that will help you make a successful transition from employee to self-employment when deciding to start a business of your own.
    • Being Declared a Personal Services Corporation Can Really Cost You Created: Thursday, July 12, 2012 Updated: Monday, July 14, 2014
      Learn how to avoid being declared a personal services corporation by the Canada Revenue Agency and losing your small business tax deductions.
    • 7 Ways to Make Record Management Easy Created: Thursday, January 27, 2005 Updated: Monday, July 14, 2014
      Good business record management makes our working lives easier and relieves stress at tax time. These seven tips will help you make record management easy.
    • Keyword Density Explained Created: Monday, October 06, 2003 Updated: Monday, July 14, 2014
      You know keywords are important to search engine optimization. Here's how to use keyword density to improve your web pages' search engine rankings.

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