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Staying on Schedule Working At Home

Part 1: Seven Rules for Sane, Productive Work At Home


Many people dream about being able to work at home. They imagine themselves in their immaculate home office zipping through tasks while sipping a cappuccino (or herbal tea), savoring their new unparalleled efficiency.

After all, compared to the standard office, a home office is an oasis, and who wouldn’t get more done if they didn’t have to work surrounded by noise and constant interruption, and have to waste time attending useless meetings?

The good news is that the number of meetings a person who works at home has to attend goes way down. The bad news is that there are still plenty of distractions and time wasters to contend with when you work at home.

Other people may have a hard time accepting the fact that you're actually working at home (or trying to). Besides the usual doorbell ringers, such as sales people and people collecting for charities, well-meaning neighbours tend to pop by, assuming that you have time to chat as you haven't driven off anywhere to go to work. And then there's the telephone. You'll find that getting people to call you during your non-working hours rather than in prime time is a bit of a challenge. After all, you're at home, right?

More bad news for people trying to work at home - not all of the interruptions and time-wasters are created by other people!

When you work at home, you have to motivate and organize yourself. No one’s going to pop by your home office and tell you to get on with things. And unless you’re really skilled at staying on task, you may find yourself succumbing to temptation more easily when you work at home. Think about it. What’s more appealing, making yet another sales call or playing with your child?

If you’re going to work at home, rather than just be at home, you need to create an environment that will allow you to operate in a business-like manner. Here are seven ways or "rules" to help you get organized and create a home-based business environment that encourages work rather than hinders it. The first three of these rules will help you organize your home office so you can work at home more productively and the second four will help you organize your work schedule in ways that will discourage others from interrupting you and keep you motivated when you're working at home.


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