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Accrual Basis Accounting


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Accrual Basis Accounting

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In accrual basis accounting, income is reported in the fiscal period it is earned, regardless of when it is received, and expenses are deducted in the fiscal period they are incurred, whether they are paid or not. In other words, you record both revenues and expenses when they occur.

Accrual Basis Accounting Versus Cash Basis Accounting

The difference between the two types of accounting is when revenues and expenses are recorded. In cash basis accounting, revenues are recorded when cash is actually received and expenses are recorded when they are actually paid (no matter when they were actually invoiced).

Accrual basis accounting is the method of accounting most businesses and professionals are required to use by law.  See Should you use a Cash or Accrual Accounting System.


Also Known As: Accrual accounting; Accrual method of accounting.

Common Misspellings: Acrual basis accounting; accrual base accounting; accruel basis accounting.

Examples: Accrual basis accounting gives the most accurate picture of the financial state of your business.

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