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Top 5 Backup Software


Hard drives fail. Operating systems crash. And then there are all those spammers and hackers. Data backup is more critical than ever before, especially for small businesses where data losses can damage the bottom line. The best backup software is both reliable and customizable, allowing you to customize and automate the data backup process. Here's a selection of top PC backup software for small business users that meets the criteria and will give you the data backup protection you need.

1. 2BrightSparks SyncBackSE Backup Software

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Ease of use and customization put this backup software at the top of the best backup software list. When they say that it's easy to use for a novice or experienced user they mean it. A Profile Setup Wizard leads first-time users through in minutes while there's a full array of options for advanced users. Compression, automation, encryption of data, a simple recovery process - SyncBackSE has all the features I recommend users look for in backup software. You can even backup files while programs are running if you wish. Windows.

2. Retrospect Professional Backup Software

Retrospect for Windows Backup Software

PC backup software should be easy to set up and easy to use, and Retrospect backup software is both. Retrospect Professional is designed for home and small businesses who want data backup protection for a single Windows computer and up to two additional networked computers. Once you have this best backup software set up, backups are automatic, fast and accurate - providing full data protection. You'll also be able to perform Smart Restores and Automatic Disaster Recovery. Windows and Mac.

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3. Norton Ghost Backup Software

Symantec Norton Ghost v. 15.0 Backup Software

Norton Ghost is another winning best backup software choice. Not only does this backup software back up everything on your computer automatically, but it also manages your backup space, constantly monitoring for adequate room and using compression and incremental backups to maximize disk space. If you prefer, you can set up your own backup schedule and/or do an on-demand backup with the click of a button. And if the need arises, the full recovery process is easy, too.

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4. Acronis True Image Backup Software

Acronis True Image 2010 Backup Software

With this backup software, designed for home and home office users, you can create a copy of your entire PC and restore it from an image in minutes – or just backup and restore particular files if you like. Features I particularly like are the Universal Restore which allow you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, and the Try&Decide feature that lets you review changes to disks and partitions. The Graphical User Interface is quite clean and intuitive and the Wizards are short, both big pluses. Windows.

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5. BounceBack Ultimate Backup Software

CMS BounceBack Ultimate PC Recovery Software

BounceBack backup software creates an exact copy of your computer hard drive including files, applications and the operating system allowing for easy access and the immediate recovery of lost or deleted files - a bootable copy of your hard drive without imaging. A 'One-Button Recovery' feature lets you start your PC from your external USB storage device and restore all of your data to either a new or to the existing PC hard drive. Backup software doesn't get much easier than that. Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista.

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