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10 Baby Boomer Trends & How to Profit from Them

Part 2: 5 More Small Business Ideas for the Baby Boomer Market


Here are five more baby boomer trends and small business ideas that you could start or invest in based on those trends.

6) Wait! I haven't told you about or shown you...

Boomers don't just do things; they have experiences. And for better or worse, they want to share those experiences with everyone else. Baby boomers are certain that their personal stories are worth telling - and videoing, and taping, and blogging about, and even hiring other people to write about. Baby boomers were the original audience and content of talk shows and now the 'Net has given them even more scope for their "get it all out there and share it with the world" tendencies.
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7) Inconspicuous consumption.

The container of Haagen Dazs ice cream in the freezer with the spoon stuck in it is perhaps the perfect baby boomer symbol. Of course it's expensive. Of course it's superior. Of course I have to have it! Baby boomers want the best and the best of the best is even better. To indulge in luxuries conspicuously, however, is frowned upon. Perhaps in self-defense, boomers have turned cocooning into an art form. Behind the door are a whole lot of high-end fabrics, furnishings and products.
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8) I'm a strange animal, just like you are.

A lot of baby boomers spend a lot of time expressing Greta Garbo-like sentiments. They need space, they have to be alone, they need to find themselves etc. etc. However, curiously, boomers will flock to a lot of the same places and do a lot of the same things together to do that. It's no coincidence that all-inclusive resorts and trips have become so popular.
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9) Let the professional do it; he knows best.

Previous generations put a much higher premium on self-reliance than boomers do. Baby boomers have a strong tendency to let experts take care of them, whether it's a personal trainer or a broker. If you're a baby boomer yourself, try to imagine your Dad consulting a financial planner or hiring a decorator. You'll get the picture.
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10) Of course I'm not too old for that!

This is another baby boomer trend that you have to have been living abroad for the last decade to have missed. No matter how grueling an experience may be, to even suggest that someone of a certain age may be too old to participate is to risk having your head verbally snapped off. Where I live, 80 year-olds drag themselves onto the tennis courts and 60-somethings enthusiastically kayak and hike mountainsides. Baby boomers refuse to be or act old until it's absolutely unavoidable.
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  • Sports equipment - including extreme sports
  • Fitness/sport lessons from yoga through wind-surfing
  • Wilderness/eco-tour experience provider

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