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Free online courses to help you become more productive and successful, business indexes, a business glossary and business statistics are all included in this business reference section.
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Business Definition
There's a lot more to business than just making money. This business definition includes a brief discussion of the boundaries of profit and business classification.

Small Business Canada FAQs
Have questions about incorporation in Canada? The bankruptcy process? How Canadian income tax affects your small business? Or about starting a small business in Canada? Find the answers in these small business Canada FAQs.

Business Terms Glossary
Find definitions and resources for the business terms you're looking for with this alphabetical index of common business terms.

About Small Business Canada Free Online Courses
Shape up your speech, increase your success, or learn how to organize your office or start a business with one of these free online courses from Susan Ward, About Small Business Canada guide.

How Do I Pay Income Tax as an Independent Contractor in Canada?
Are you an independent contractor? Here's what you need to know about your Canadian income tax - and a method for figuring out how much money to set aside for paying it.

How Can I Get Local Clients?
An online business asks how to get local clients. My advice will help any business learn how to get known and connected locally.

How Does Freelancing Affect My Canadian Income Tax?
Are you freelancing outside your regular employment in Canada? Congratulations! You've started a business. Learn more here, including how your taxes are affected.

Business Tips - Small Business: Canada
A collection of business tips on business management and small business marketing to help you be more productive, better manage your time and small business, and increase your success.

Buying Advice
Find out what features to look for before you buy with these buying advice articles.

Top Picks
An index of my "Top Picks" articles, the products that I consider the best, from business gift baskets and client gifts through digital voice recorders and printers.

Your Small Business Advice
People who have been there and done that are always one of the best resources when you're trying to learn something - and learning how to best run a small business is no exception. These articles are collections of the best small business advice from small business owners. Feel free to add your own small business tips and advice.

What Are the Benefits of Owning Your Own Business?
Is it being your own boss? The opportunity to make more money? Being able to help customers or clients? What are the top benefits to owning your own business? Add your thoughts here.

Small Businesss Makeover
The Small Business Makeover consists of a "workout" each week which focuses on increasing your business success by improving a particular aspect of your business. The topics covered are business planning, business finances, customer service, information technology management and small business marketing. So why not sign up and start increasing your business success?

Organize Your Small or Home Office Online Course
Whether you're just setting up a small or home office or just frustrated with how all the clutter in your office space is interfering with your productivity, this free 7 week online course will show you how to get your office organized and turn your office space into a work space. Follow the link to go to the sign up page and get a lesson delivered to your inbox once a week.

Small Business Success Online Course
Become more organized and productive through this online course as you learn to market yourself and your business more effectively. Get a success lesson delivered to your inbox once each week for 10 weeks and increase your business success.

Speak for Success Online Course
Designed to help you shape up your oral communication skills, the seven speech lessons in this online course will make you sound more polished and professional – and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful.

Starting a Small Business in Canada Online Course
Thinking of starting a business but don't know where to start? Wondering what steps you need to go through to make your new business legal or wrestling with writing a business plan? This free 10 week online course will lead you through the process of starting a business in Canada - step by step.

Canadian Income Tax FAQs for Small Businesses
These Canadian income tax FAQs for small businesses provide answers to common Canadian income tax questions such as how to report business income, how to claim business expenses and what happens if you can't pay the income tax you owe.

Business Quotations Index
A collection of business quotations from the famous and not-so-famous to inspire, amuse, and advise you. Use these business quotations as a "thought of the day" or to add a thought-provoking tag line to your email.

Business Tips Library
Consult this index of over 50 business tips on marketing, management, taxes, and the web to find ways to be more productive, better manage your time and small business, and increase your success.

Business Income
What is business income and how do you declare it on your Canadian income tax? Here are the details.

North American Industry Classification System Definition (NAICS)
What is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and why is it important to small businesses? This NAICS definition has the answer.

Profit Test
The profit test refers to the business definition used by the Canada Revenue Agency and is used to determine whether a person who claims to be operating a business actually is. Learn more about what the profit test is and how it applies to your Canadian small business here.

SME Definition
What is an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise)? That depends on who’s doing the defining, as this SME definition explains.

About Starting Your Own Business Guide
If you're thinking of starting your own business as a "_________", there's a wealth of resources on the rest of the About network. Get advice and information about starting your own business as a freelance artist, graphics designer, composites manufacturer, wedding planner and more with these articles.

Recruiting And Retaining Employees Guide
What you need to know about finding, hiring, motivating and retaining the very best employees for your organization. An About Industry and Business Guide.

Resources For Business And Industry Training
Learn about trends in training, plus how to perform a training needs assessment, choose a training solution, orient new employees, make your training stick and much more in this About Industry and Business Special.

Canada Business Network
This portal site for all the government services and information needed to start, run, and grow a business covers everything from starting up through importing and exporting, and is easy to navigate (Government of Canada).

Business Lyceum
This site offers a variety of free reports on aspects of doing business, and a free monthly how-to newsletter (American).

Business Owners' Toolkit
Featuring The SOHO Guidebook, this site has all the tools and resources any small business person could want (American).

Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus
This is the coordinating and licensing body of the network of Better Business Bureaus throughout Canada. The site includes links to all the Canadian BBBs.

Dell SB360: Technology
This technology portal features business articles to help small business people learn about and get the most out of technology ranging from operating systems through Wi-Fi.

Jean-Claude Lorin's site is a comprehensive collection of links on all aspects of business. This is one of the sites I spend a lot of time visiting! (Canadian).

Read studies about entrepreneurship and learn how to be a better entrepreneur with the collection of resources on this website, a joint production of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the U.S. Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA).

InfoSource: Directory of Federal Government Enquiry Points
If you do business with the federal government, or want to, this database of addresses and phone numbers for almost 280 federal departments and agencies will be invaluable.

Power HomeBiz Guides
Tools, resources, and masses of articles - this small business reference site is packed with information for anyone wanting to start or run a successful business.

Toronto Public Library: Business & Personal Finance
This is a great place to look if you're looking for the kind of information that will help you prepare a business plan; the collection includes everything from industry information and statistics through business databases. The Library also runs business related programs.

Ask Susan
Learn how to get small business expert Susan Ward to answer your questions about starting or running a successful small business.

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