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Closing a Business

Closing your business? These resources on selling a business, succession planning and downsizing your business will help make closing a business a smooth process.
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Exit Strategies for Your Small Business
Ready to move on from your small business? Having an exit strategy worked out in advance gives you the chance to maximize your profits and gives you some control over your small business's future. Here are six exit strategies for small businesses to choose from.

Closing a Business
An outline of the steps for closing a business in Canada, with detailed information for closing a business in Ontario and Quebec, including how to dissolve a corporation.

3 Business Valuation Methods
Selling a business? Here is an explanation of the three most common business valuation methods to help you determine how much your business is worth.

5 Tips for Selling a Business
Selling a business and closing a business often go hand in hand. These tips for selling a business will help ensure that you get the best price when you sell.

How To Downsize Your Business
If you define success in terms of quality of life and are ready to stop working as hard as you do, these practical strategies will help you downsize your business.

Is It Time to Downsize Your Business?
People downsize their homes all the time, moving to a smaller, more manageable version. Maybe it's time to downsize your business and improve your quality of life. Test yourself to see if you're ready.

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