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Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders are great for recording your ideas, business meetings or case notes. Look through these best digital voice recorder reviews to find the voice recorder that’s best for your purposes - or write your own review.

Before You Buy a Digital Voice Recorder
Digital voice recorders are great business tools, especially for business people and professionals who need accurate notes on their meetings or case files, record their ideas, or even professionally record music. Here are some of the features to look for when you're thinking of buying a digital voice recorder.

Best Digital Voice Recorders
These top voice recorders make it easy to record notes, dictation, meetings, lectures, interviews, or make professional recordings of music. Transfer the recorded voice files to your PC, Mac or to the cloud for easy storage, editing, playback, and transcription.

Best Digital Voice Recorders for Transcription
Do you need a digital voice recorder that does more than just digital dictation and music recording? The digital voice recorders reviewed here all have digital transcription capabilities, making editing and accurately transcribing your voice files a snap.

Best Digital Recorders Under 100 Dollars
Need a digital recorder that will let you record your ideas, meetings or case notes and upload those voice files to your computer but do'’t want to pay a lot? Here are my choices for the best digital recorders under $100.

Your Picks for the Best Digital Voice Recorders Under $100
What are the best digital voice recorders that cost less than $100 USD and have the ability to upload files to a computer? Add your suggestion for the best digital voice recorder under $100 here.

Write Your Own Digital Voice Recorder Review
Do you have a digital voice recorder? Use this form for digital voice recorder reviews to share what you think is the best digital voice recorder or why you found a particular voice recorder disappointing. See submissions

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