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Filing & Filing Systems

Having trouble keeping track of documents in your business? Learn how to set up and manage filing systems and filing tips to make organizing your documents simple and efficient.

Filing Tips for People Who Hate Filing
Do you hate filing? These filing tips for cutting down on the time you have to spend filing include how to use a two-stage filing system and how to use filing by group to speed up the filing process.

Document Management
What is document management? This document management definition includes an explanation of the difference between document management software and document imaging systems and discusses document management from a small business point of view.

The Easiest Filing System
Setting up a filing system doesn't have to be a daunting task. Ronda Claire of Claire Ideas explains how to set up a file management system that makes it easy to file and find the paper you need.

File Management by The Numbers
Have trouble remembering the correct file management category when you want to retrieve information from your filing system? Here's a tip to make it easier to find the file you're looking for.

10 File Management Tips
Keep the files on your computer organized and up-to-date with these file management tips.

Mastering Your Filing System
These filing tips from Jill Chongva will help you set up a filing system that helps you work swiftly and efficiently.

3 Steps to Creating a Document Management System
You can put the basics of a document management system in place without purchasing any special software or going through wholesale document imaging. Your document management system doesn’t have to be complex; you just have to invest some time in planning and implementing it. Here’s how to create and implement a document management plan for small...

A System for Filing Receipts
You need a record management system for filing all the business expense receipts you gather that makes data entry easy and lets you retrieve particular receipts if you need to. Here's the filing system your About.com Guide uses.

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