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Answers to Common Questions About the GST HST

GST HST Information for Doing Business in Canada


Answers to Common Questions About the GST HST

Does he charge GST/HST on this sale or not?

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Do you run a Canadian business? Or are you a non-resident wondering if you need to charge GST when operating in Canada? The answers to your questions about the GST HST may well be in this collection of answers to common GST HST questions.

Questions on Charging GST in Canada

Q: Do I need to charge the GST?

Q: Shipping Out of Province: Should You Charge GST/HST?

Q: Does my online business need to charge GST/HST?

Q: What's the difference between zero-rated and exempt goods and services?

Q: What kinds of goods and services are GST HST exempt?

Q: How do I calculate the GST HST?

Q: How do I charge GST HST on discounts?

Q: If I don't have to charge GST, do I have to charge PST?

Q: Why would I want to register for the GST if I don't have to?

Q: When do I need to register for the GST?

Q: How do I register for GST HST?

Q: Can I close my GST account if my business situation changes?

Non-Residents and the GST HST

Q: Do I charge non-residents the GST HST?

Q: I'm going to be in Canada speaking at several events. Do I need to charge GST HST?


Questions on Remitting & Filing GST in Canada

Q: What do I do with the GST HST I have collected?

Q: When do I have to file my GST HST returns?

Q: How do I get back the GST I have paid out?

Q: What are Input Tax Credits?

Q: How do I pay the GST HST that my small business owes?

Q: What are the penalties for filing a late GST HST return?

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