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Like the idea of working from home? Learn how you can start and run a successful home based business here.
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Top 10 Home Business Opportunities
The best home business opportunity is the one that has staying power and potential for the future. Here are ten of what I think are the best home business opportunities.

How to Get to Work At Home
Being able to work at home is truly fabulous. If working at home is your dream, here are three ways that you can get to work at home.

5 Small Manageable Things You Can Do to Organize Your Home Office Right Now
Is a messy, cluttered home office slowing you down? If you're not quite ready for a full makeover but desperately need more home office organization, here are five small manageable things you can do to organize your home office right now.

9 Tips for Meeting With Clients In Your Home
If your home-based business involves meeting with clients you'll appreciate these tips for making your home business as client-friendly as possible.

10 Steps to Childproofing Your Home Office
Being able to spend more time with your children is one of the great things about working at home. But if your children are going to be spending any time in your home office, you need to make sure your office is a safe place for them to be. These ten steps to childproofing your home office will help ensure that you can all cohabit in your office space safely.

Starting a Business: Finding Business Ideas
Looking for ideas for home-based businesses? Follow the links on this page to find home-based business ideas that will help you start your new business.

Home Based Business Ideas Gallery
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas – and find a home based business idea that fits your talents and your budget.

How to Start a Home-Based Business
How do you start a home-based business that will succeed? The secret of success is not to stop halfway through the business selection process as so many people do. Follow these six steps to start a home-based business that will succeed rather than just being a drain of your time and money.

Home-Based Business Definition
A home-based business definition and an overview of issues affecting home-based business owners.

Small Office Home Office Definition
A definition of one of the most common types of home based business and why the number of small office home office businesses has been rising exponentially.

Before You Start a Home-Based Business
Running a home-based business isn't for everyone. Here are the factors you need to consider before you turn your home into a business, including the suitability of your neighbourhood and house, and how well your family and personality suit a home-based business.

The Basics of Small or Home Office Design
Infrastructure, utility and safety are the keys to office design if you want to design a small or home office that's both a functional work space and a pleasant, productive place to work. Learn how to plan your office design around the power, lighting and ventilation needs of your home based business.

Calculating the Home-Based Business Tax Deduction
There are tax deductions specific to home-based businesses. This outline of Canadian home-based business tax deductions includes how to calculate the business-use-of-home tax deduction.

Emphasize the Business in Home-Based Business
The atmosphere outside and inside your home office tells a story about you and your business too. Jo-Anne Coleman explains how to make sure your home-based business presents the right image to your customers and/or clients.

Home-Based Business Insurance
Business insurance costs money, but not having business insurance can cost even more. Here's an explanation of the types of business insurance home-based businesses need and how to save money on the cost of business insurance for your home business.

Present a Professional Image
Audrey Field provides tips for ensuring that your small or home-based business presents a professional image at all times, including how to handle phone calls and client bookings in a professional manner.

Running a Successful Home Based Business With Kids
Feeling guilty because your home based business takes too much time away from your kids? Achieve a more comfortable balance between working at your home based business and spending time with your kids with these tips.

Staying on Schedule Working at Home
Many people with home-based businesses find working at home more difficult than they thought it would be. Here are seven ways to help you get organized and create an environment that encourages work rather than hinders it.

Starting a Home-Based Business Checklist
Want to start a business and thinking a home-based business is the way to go? Use this checklist to evaluate your neighbourhood, property, and personality to see if a home-based business is right for you.

One-Stop Home-Based Business Resources
Articles on starting a home-based business, home-based business tax deductions, setting up a home office, balancing working at your home business with family time; you'll find everything you need to start and manage a successful home-based business here.

Home Business Marketing 101
Randy Duermyer, About Home Business Guide, presents a marketing primer for those running home based businesses.

8 Home Based Business Opportunity Questions to Ask
Home based business opportunities abound, but many are just schemes designed to take your money and leave you broke. About Home Business Guide Randy Duermyer presents questions you should ask before you commit to any home based business opportunity.

Subtitled "Small and Home Based Business Links" this site provides a wealth of resources for the small business owner, including an extensive library, over 500 business forms and letters, and a marketplace.

Home Business Index
Contains the small and home-based business wisdom of Wendy Priesnitz, the Publisher and Editor of Natural Life and founder of the Home Business Network (Canadian).

Home Business and Self-Employment
A collection of well-written articles on home business topics ranging from home offices through secrets to getting organized from Business Know-How.

How to Get the Respect Your Business Deserves
Don't be mistaken for a hobby! Isabel M. Isidro explains how to run your home business professionally, just like any other business (from Power Home Biz).

Power HomeBiz Guides
This online magazine "designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial mind" presents a wealth of information for starting, managing, and growing your home-based business.

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