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Information on human resources management for business owners, including recruiting, retaining and firing employees, employee training, motivating employees, and human resources planning.
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The Hiring Process: Hiring Employees in Canada
You need the help and you've decided to hire employees. This article explains the hiring process in Canada, laying out exactly what you have to do legally to get your new employees working for you and on the payroll.

Guide to Canadian Payroll Deductions
Running payroll properly is an important part of good human resources management. This Guide to Canadian Payroll Deductions explains everything you need to do to meet your payroll responsibilities as a Canadian employer.

10 Tips for Attracting Employees
People aren't just looking for money when they're looking for a job. These tips for providing employee incentives will help you recruit the brightest and the best.

7 Ways to Make Employee Recruitment Easier
Finding the people you need can be a slow and frustrating process. Use these hiring shortcuts to make your search for new employees faster and more successful.

Employee Perks Your Small Business Can Afford
Human resources management includes competing for the talented employees your company needs. These affordable perks will help your small business attract and retain employees.

Record of Employment
What is the Record of Employment and when and how do Canadian employers have to fill one out? This Record of Employment definition explains.

Taxable Benefit
This definition of taxable benefit explains how taxable benefits affect the payroll of employers and the Canadian income tax of employees.

Employee Orientation: Keeping New Employees on Board
Tips, tools, and examples for people orientation processes that promote longevity and loyalty from About's Human Resources Guide, Susan M. Heathfield.

How to Recruit and Hire the Best: A Checklist for Success
This checklist from About Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield will help you systematize your hiring process and keep track of your recruiting efforts.

People Power Your Small Business
Susan M. Heathfield outlines a human resources framework for any business, highlighting solutions to the unique people opportunities and challenges small businesses face, such as hiring for growth and success, and orientation and training (from About).

Recruiting And Retaining Employees Special
Whether you're looking for information on how to hire the best, or want to know how to keep your employees satisfied and motivated, you'll find it in this About Industry and Business Special.

Recruiting Stars: Top 10 Ways to Get Great Candidates
Looking for talent? The smartest employers, who hire the best people, develop a pre-qualified candidate pool before they need to fill a job. Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield explains how to develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them.

5 Tips for Effective Employee Recognition
Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes people create for your business. Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield explains how to reward, recognize, award and thank people successfully.

10 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee
An outline of the steps of the hiring process, from defining the job through extending a job offer, with links to details about the best way to accomplish each step (About Human Resources).

Top Ten Recruiting Tips
About Human Resources Guide Susan M. Heathfield gives tips for finding the best possible employees to fit within your culture and contribute to your company or organization.

Use Training and Development to Motivate Staff
Want to keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts? The quality and variety of the training you provide is key for motivation. Learn more in this article by Jeffrey Bodimer (from About Human Resources).

Becoming an Employer
There are fact sheets here for every aspect of employment standards in B.C. - the rules about everything from annual vacations through travel time. The Guide to the Employment Standards Act is an excellent overview.

Human Resources Management
This one-stop site from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada provides a great deal of information to help businesses manage their human resources, including a Job Bank for employers.

Employment Insurance Information for Employers
Answers to questions such as how to order blank Records of Employment, what the Employment Insurance (EI) rate is, and paying EI benefits from Service Canada.

Forms for Employers
Download the T4 slips you need, the application for a refund of E.I. premiums under the New Hires program, Tables on Diskette, or payroll deduction guides from this page of the Canada Revenue Agency site.

Guide to Screening and Selection in Employment
An excellent summary of how employers need to conduct the hiring process, including examples of what should not be asked during the interview process (from the Canadian Human Rights Commission).

What Are Your Obligations as an Employer re Human Rights?
This summary from the Canadian Human Rights Commission includes an outline of the employer's responsibility for equality, duty to accommodate, and equal employment opportunities in the workplace.

Your Guide to Understanding the Canadian Human Rights Act
This summary of the grounds of discrimination prohibited in employment covered by federal, provincial and territorial human rights legislation in Canada includes information on how the Commission deals with complaints.

Independent Contractor or an Employee?
There's nothing worse than hiring what you think are contractors only to find later that the Revenue Canada Agency deems them to be employees instead. This article explains how the Canada Revenue Agency determines whether a worker is a contractor or an employee.

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