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Incorporation in Canada

How to incorporate a business in Canada, including the advantages of incorporation and how to incorporate your business federally and in various Canadian provinces.

Incorporation in Canada FAQs
Have a question about incorporation in Canada? Find the answer in these incorporation in Canada FAQs from the difference between federal and provincial incorporation through how to incorporate in particular provinces.

7 Reasons to Incorporate Your Business
"Should I incorporate my business or not?" Here are seven reasons to incorporate your business. Whether you're starting a new business or running an established enterprise, you'll probably want to incorporate if any of these situations apply.

What Is the Difference Between Provincial and Federal Incorporation?
What's the difference between federal and provincial incorporation and is one better than the other for your business? Read this incorporation in Canada FAQ for the answer.

If I Incorporate a Business Provincially Can I Do Business in Other Provinces?
Are you incorporated in one Canadian province or territory and wanting to do business I one or more other Canadian provinces? You might need to register your corporation in that province first. Here's what you need to know about extra-provincial registration.

How to Incorporate Your Business in Canada
An outline of the general steps for incorporation in Canada, explaining how to incorporate your business, from choosing where to incorporate your business through receiving your certificate of incorporation.

How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate?
Thinking of business incorporation in Canada and wondering how much it will cost? Here are the details of how much it cost to incorporate.

Can You Set Up an LLC in Canada?
Can you set up an LLC in Canada? Read this incorporation in Canada FAQ for the answer.

How Do I Set Up Share Classes for My New Corporation?
This article explains three share classes that may be used when setting up a new corporation in Canada and explains when and why you might want to use each share class.

Types of Corporations in Canada and Corporate Tax
Tax-wise, there are different types of corporations in Canada and they get taxed differently. One type of corporation, the Canadian-controlled private corporation, has a lot of corporate tax advantages over the others. Here's what you need to know about corporate tax to choose the 'right' type of corporation.

Getting Your New Corporation Up and Running
From the corporate minute book and corporate seal, through setting up a corporate bank account, this outline of incorporation procedures explains how to get your new corporation organized.

Salary or Dividends – How Do I Pay Myself?
As a small business owner operating a corporation in Canada, should you pay yourself salary or dividends? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide.

Extra-Provincial Registration
Extra-provincial registration is a process of incorporation in Canada that both Canadian corporations and foreign corporations have to go through when they seek to do business in Canada or in various provinces or territories throughout Canada.

Incorporation Definition
There are two main types of incorporation in Canada. This definition of incorporation includes an explanation of the differences between provincial and federal explanation and how to go about the incorporation process.

Articles of Incorporation
The articles of incorporation are one of the documents necessary for incorporation. Here's an explanation of the Articles of Incorporation and how to access the Articles of Incorporation form.

Annual Report Definition - Incorporation
Which corporations have to prepare an annual report and what does an annual report contain? Here's an explanation with resources related to incorporation.

What is a NUANS?
What is a NUANS? What does a NUANS search have to do with incorporating a business in Canada? This NUANS definition explains.

Incorporation in Alberta
Information on incorporation in Alberta, with links to the various incorporation documents you will need to file.

Incorporation in B.C.
Information on incorporating a business in B.C., such as how to get the various incorporation documents you will need to file, where to send them, and how much incorporation will cost.

Choosing a Form of Business Ownership: Corporations
Incorporation advantages and disadvantages, and the differences between company incorporation and incorporating a cooperative.

Incorporation in Nova Scotia
An outline of the incorporation process for new corporations in Nova Scotia, and extra-provincial incorporation (for companies already incorporated in other provinces).

Incorporation in Ontario
How to incorporate a business in Ontario, including an outline of the incorporation process and how to register a corporation.

Incorporation in Quebec
An explanation of the procedure of business incorporation in Quebec, for both named and numbered corporations.

Should You Incorporate Your Small Business?
An outline of incorporation advantages and disadvantages for those considering whether or not incorporating their business is the right decision.

Federal Business Incorporation
This Corporations Canada a summary of the Canada Business Corporations Act, a fee schedule, and information on the process of federally incorporating your business in Canada.

Small Business Guide to Federal Incorporation
This readable guide from Industry Canada provides all the information you need to know about incorporating your business federally. Includes FAQ and sample forms.

Ten Steps to Creating a Corporation
An outline of the steps necessary to incorporate either provincially or federally. Includes links to a glossary of terms relating to incorporation (from New Business Now; Canadian).

B.C. Corporate Registry
The Corporate Registry is the place to find all the forms needed to register and administer a corporation, limited partnership, a society or sole proprietorship in B.C. Includes information on the registration of Extraprovincial Companies.

How to Incorporate a Cooperative in British Columbia
Useful 84 page booklet outlines the incorporation process for cooperative businesses in B.C. (government publication; PDF file).

Incorporating an Alberta Corporation
Straightforward guide to setting up a corporation in Alberta explains the three types of corporations, the incorporation process and where to go to incorporate your new company.

Incorporation in Alberta Forms
All the required forms for incorporation in Alberta in PDF format for starting a corporation, running one, and closing it.

How to Incorporate a Cooperative in Alberta
sStep-by-step incorporation instructions for the incorporation of a cooperative from the Government of Alberta, with links to downloadable forms.

Incorporation in Saskatchewan
The details of how to incorporate a business in Saskatchewan from the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry.

Manitoba: Business Registration and Incorporation
All the forms and instructions for incorporating a business in Manitoba are on this page of their Companies Office website.

Online Federal Incorporation
The access page for online federal incorporation from Corporations Canada.

Incorporation in New Brunswick
The steps to incorporating your New Brunswick-based business corporation with links to the incorporation forms you will need. New Brunswick offers online incorporation.

Incorporation in Prince Edward Island
The forms you need for incorporation in Prince Edward Island from the province's Corporate Services. Almost all of these incorporation forms can be filled out online.

Incorporation in Newfoundland & Labrador
The details on how to incorporate a business in this province from Newfoundland and Labrador's Registry of Companies.

Incorporation in the Northwest Territories
An explanation of the process of business incorporation from the Northwest Territories Department of Justice.

Nunavut Incorporation
If you wish to incorporate your business in Nunavut, the Legal Registries of Nunavut is the place to do it. Here are the details.

Incorporation in the Yukon
Everything you need to know about how to incorporate your business in the Yukon (Corporate Affairs Yukon).

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