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Accounting. Data management. Cash flow management. Human resources. Business planning. From how to create an advisory board through how to properly answer your business phone, you'll find the business management information you need to make your small business run smoothly here.
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Are You Sabotaging Your Small Business?
If you’re not bothering to do one or more of these things to ensure your small business survives, you’ll have only yourself to blame if it fails.

Top 10 Ways to Kill Off Your Small Business
Want to run a successful small business? Then these are business practices you want to avoid.

How to Be a Good Manager
Good management is crucial for your small business, no matter what kind of business you run. So you never try to save time by doing any of these ten things.

7 Ways to Control Chaos in Your Small Business
A well-run office doesn't just make life easier; it's good for your bottom line too. Start applying these office management principles to see the difference good office management makes.

Is Your Business Sick?
How healthy is your business? Some basic ratio analysis will tell the story. Calculating these three financial ratios will let you check your business’s current temperature, diagnose potential problems, and see if your business is doing better or worse over time.

Business Management Basics
Hone your business management skills with this outline of four areas of business management most critical to small businesses; money management, business planning, people management and resource management.

Business Terms Glossary
Find definitions and resources for the business terms you're looking for with this alphabetical index of common business terms.

Your Small Business Advice
People who have been there and done that are always one of the best resources when you're trying to learn something - and learning how to best run a small business is no exception. Read advice from other small business owners and share your own advice on topics ranging from ensuring that you get paid and giving the best customer service through...

Business Planning Makeover
A Business Action Plan that provides your small business direction for the coming year is key to business planning. Here's how to create one.

Business Finance Makeover
Our business finances are the underpinnings of our business's strength; as they go, so goes the business. Follow the steps in this business finance makeover, from separating your personal and business finances through financial statement analysis, to make sure that your business finances are in good shape.

Information Technology Makeover
Information Technology management for small businesses tends to be a piecemeal affair, something that's ignored until something goes wrong. This Information Technology Makeover will help you address this problem and get your small business's Information Technology organized. Follow the steps to whip your Information Technology into shape.

Top Business Tools
A desk and a landline aren't going to get you far if you want to do business nowadays. A computer with Internet access and an email program are necessities. But those are just the basics. You'll also need a variety of small business tools to manage your business and communicate with your customers and/or clients. Here are my picks for the best...

Top 5 Small Business Trends of the Decade
What are the five most important small business trends of the last decade (2000 to 2009)? And how can your small business profit from these business trends today? Susan Ward presents both the small business trends and an action plan to profit from each of them.

What Are the Top Business Trends Today?
What are the top business trends today? And how can your small business profit from these business trends? Share your thoughts.

What Are the Most Important Business Trends of the Past Decade?
What are the most important small business trends of the last decade? Share your thoughts here.

What Are your Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People?
What are your tips for dealing with difficult people? Add your answers to this page offering strategies for dealing with difficult people.

How My Small Business Survived the Recession
Small business owners share their small business success stories about how their small businesses survived the recession. If you're a small business owner, share your small business story here.

Reader Stories: How My Small Business Survived the Recession
Pick up tips for how to survive a recession with these stories from other business owners who tell how they recession-proofed their small businesses.

5 Ways Your Business Can Make More Money
Diversifying your income stream as the way to make more money is old advice, but in tough economic times, it's advice well worth taking. Learn how your business can make more money without spending a lot of money to do it.

10 Ways to Tell When It’s Time to Fire a Client
Life is too short to invest your energy in maintaining a client relationship with a client who is bad for your bottom line and/or your mental health. If any of the situations in this article apply, it's time to fire a client.

Cloud Computing
What is cloud computing and how does it apply to your small business? This cloud computing definition explains.

5 Recession Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
Successfully steering your small business through a recession is not an easy task. But avoiding basic mistakes will make keeping your business ready to take advantage of the turnaround when it comes much easier. Here are five recession business mistakes you don’t want your small business to make.

7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid
Slow paying customers and clients are one of the most frustrating aspects of running a small business. Here are seven ways to make sure you get paid for the work you do.

How to Write a Mission Statement
The mission statement articulates the company's purpose. It announces to the world at large why your company exists. Here's how to write a mission statement in three easy steps and some sample mission statements.

Recession-Proof Your Business
Concerned about recession and wondering how to recession-proof your business? Recession-proof your business by following these seven best practices.

5 Ways to Protect Your Cash Flow
When times get tough, money gets tight. And when money is more difficult and expensive to borrow, it's especially important for small businesses to take steps to ensure that their cash flows keep flowing. Here are five ways to protect your cash flow and help your small business ride out the storm.

Business Quotations Index
A collection of business quotations from the famous and not-so-famous to inspire, amuse, and advise you. Use these business quotations as a "thought of the day" or to add a thought-provoking tag line to your email.

Business Etiquette Quiz
How is your knowledge of business ettiquette? Are you as smooth and polished as you would like to be? Keep track of your score as you go through this business etiquette quiz and discover whether your business manners mark you as a Maven or a Barbarian – or somewhere in between.

Business Management Tips Index
Consult this index of business management tips to find ways to improve your time management, project management, document management, and stress management so you can increase your success.

Creating an Advisory Board
Advisory boards are a powerful management tool for small businesses. But while creating an advisory board is great in theory, how do you persuade people to serve on your small business advisory board? Here's how to approach prospective board members and write an invitation letter that will bring them aboard.

Christmas and Business
Christmas shapes the business year and for many businesses, determines whether they're going to end up in the black or the red. This Christmas business collection has articles on everything you need for your business to make the most of the Christmas season, from how to increase sales through articles about Christmas business traditions.

Core Competency
What is core competency? This core competency definition discusses core competency from a small business point of view.

Document Management
What is document management? This document management definition includes an explanation of the difference between document management software and document imaging systems and discusses document management from a small business point of view.

Doing Credit Checks Can Really Pay Off
Doing a credit check on a customer before you extend credit can save you money and buy you peace of mind. And the best credit check is an accurate credit report. Learn how and where to get credit reports in Canada.

Giving Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Don't put your audience to sleep with a generic PowerPoint presentation. Scott Stratten explains how to create PowerPoint presentations that will keep your audience alert and get your message across.

How to Take a Worry-Free Vacation From Your Small Business
Small business owners are notorious for not taking vacations. So what can we do to get the worry-free vacation time we need to keep ourselves and our small businesses thriving? Choose one of these three options and get your bags packed.

How To Invoice
If all you need is a simple invoice, this free invoice template designed for a small business selling products, should fit the bill.

Invoice Sample With GST
Here's what information is required for a basic Canadian small business invoice, including a sample with GST and PST that you can use as an invoice template.

This innovation definition includes an explanation of how innovation applies to small business and a brief discussion of Canada’s innovation problem.

Joint Ventures: Diamonds on the Beach
Properly chosen and implemented, joint ventures can be a great way for your small business to get in on opportunities (and profits) that otherwise you would miss out on. Learn why joint ventures are the best kind of partnerships and how you can start using joint ventures to grow your business.

5 Keys to Leadership - How to Become a Business Leader
Every business needs effective leadership if it's going to prosper. These five keys to effective business leadership will show you how to transform yourself into the leader your small business needs.

5 Lessons for Client Relationship Management
Have you ever run into problems that resulted in a tense relationship between you and a client? Marshall Zierkel presents five lessons about client relationship management that will help you minimize conflict as it arises and add value to you in your clients’ eyes.

Maintaining Your Motivation
When your motivation flags, your business suffers. Kelley Robertson explains why having a personal motivational plan is important and offers suggestions to help you develop and maintain your motivation.

The 100 Mile Diet for Small Businesses
Want to pursue green procurement policies but finding they're just too much time and trouble? Here's how the 100 Mile Diet idea makes green procurement easier for small businesses.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions
Ten resolutions to help you not only increase your business's success in the coming year, but enjoy your success more by keeping work-life balance in mind while you're goal setting.

What is procurement? This procurement definition for small business owners includes an introduction to the key issues and general trends in procurement, such as green procurement.

Sales Forecasting
What is sales forecasting? This sales forecasting definition includes an explanation of the differences between sales forecasting for new businesses and established businesses.

Speak For Success Course
Designed to help you shape up your oral communication skills, these seven speech lessons will make you sound more polished and professional – and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful.

7 Ways to Make Record Management Easy
While most of us consider business record management to be scut work and tend to give it a low priority, good record management not only makes our working lives easier, but can give us real stress relief at tax time. These seven tips will help you make record management easy.

10 Ways to Save Money on Gas
Tired of seeing the high cost of gas eat away at your bottom line? While we can never escape fuel costs entirely, there are things we can do to save money on gas. Cut your fuel costs with one or more of these suggestions.

What is virtualization? This virtualization definition explains and discusses server virtualization from a small business point of view.

Visualize Success for Business Success
Your imagination is a powerful business tool. Learn how to create success by acting with the confidence of a successful person.

Top 5 Business Trends 2012
Five business trends of 2012 that small businesses need to get in on to stay competitive.

Ways to Save Money on Business Expenses
There are many costs to doing business that you can't do anything about. There's no way to save money on business registration, for instance, or licensing fees. Fortunately, there are areas where business costs can be cut. Here are ways to save money on a variety of business expenses, from office equipment and energy through marketing and taxes.

What Is a Wholesaler
Learn what a wholesaler is and why you, as a retailer, should bother to use one.

Year End Checklist for Small Businesses
We all know how important business planning is, but it’s easy to put off in the press of daily events. This year end checklist will inspire you to get to it and make your business planning easier.

Basic Guide To General Management
These articles by Management Guide F. John Reh provide the specific information you need to manage the people, money, and operational issues that confront every manager.

Don't know what benchmarking is or why you should use it? Management Guide F. John Reh explains this and how to apply benchmarking to your business.

Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Tips for best managing your business's supply chain from Martin Murray (About.com Supply Chain Management).

Management 101
Management Guide F. John Reh answers the basic questions, "What is management?", "What do managers do?", and "How do I manage?".

Professional Management vs. Entrepreneurial Management
At what point should a business person turn the management of her or his successful company over to a professional management team? Management Guide F. John Reh discusses the dilemma of giving up control.

What's the Competition Doing?
Gathering competitive intelligence about your competitors can give you the facts to make sound business decisions. About Management Guide F. John Reh explains how to do this, and provides a host of sources you might use.

Book Reviews of Business Books

Book reviews of business books are a constant request. The business books I bother to read have to be relevant to small business owners and engaging. Here are my book reviews of business books of particular interest to small business owners from book reviews of computer manuals through management guides.

Top 10 Travel Accessories For Road Warriors
Sometimes you just have to take your business to the streets and make the pitch face-to-face. These top travel accessories run the gamut from basics such as carry-on luggage through high-tech devices such as PDAS - a packing list for the business road warrior.

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites: Management
An extensive listing of resources for all aspects of managing your small business and current news in the management field.

Performance Plus
Industry Canada's Performance Plus gives performance benchmarks for financial planning for Canadian small businesses.

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Fail
AllBusiness identifies 10 "harbingers of failure" for small businesses to avoid.

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